30 June 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

Top 5 reasons to work with an event agency

As a vector of a company’s image, events must be optimally organized to be effective. A seminar, an incentive, a general meeting, a convention, a kick-off dinner, a team building or any other successful event relies on the synergy of the means deployed. Theoriginality of the concept is also an essential ingredient to make each event unique. If doing everything yourself is sometimes tempting to save money, working with an event agency has many advantages. Find out why it’s better to call a professional!

1. Event agency : duty of advice

A successful event is above all a precious moment that will remain engraved in the memory of each participant. To achieve this, it is essential to arouse emotion through a program adapted to the audience’s profile. With its expertise in the field of event creation, the specialized agency will be able to find and set up the framework and activities that will make it possible to achieve this objective.

The agency is also a force of proposal and advice that can help you better understand the challenges of the organization and then determine the resources needed on the ground so that the innovative ideas are converted into a memorable immersive scenography.

2. Benefit from a qualified network

Event agency networkWhenorganizing a corporate event, the choice of service providers and subcontractors involved in the preparation of the day or evening is essential. In addition to the selection of the different teams, it is also necessary to ensure their cohesion to respect the agenda until the D-day. From the decoration to the sound system, including the lighting and catering, everyone must participate in the symbiosis. This symbiosis is necessary to enhance the creativity of the actors involved in the organization. The event agency has the necessary resources andexperience . It is also equipped to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Gain in efficiency and time

efficiency and timeIt is necessary to optimize the organization of the company so that everything is ready at the agreed date and time. Thewelcome, the set-up, the transition between the different moments of the program and the closing are all key moments to manage. Beforehand, the choice of the theme and the place must also correspond to a precise planning. After the event, the dismantling of the used elements is also part of the tasks to be ensured. Know-how is essential to ensure that each step is completed as planned and on time. All participants will be able to enjoy every minute of the meeting.

4. Optimize your budget

event budgetFor a company that undertakes the organization of an event on its own, the budget is often a difficult headache to manage. Indeed, the control of numerous expenditure items is an exercise that requiresanticipation and forecasting. Often, a considerable portion of the purchases and rentals to be made are not anticipated. The tendency to underestimate the cost of certain services also leads to an increase in unplanned disbursements. By working with an event agency, you have a global cost for the entire organization contract. You won’t have to deal with budgetary surges while having the guarantee of a carefully organized event.

5. Realization of an event with your image

corporate eventWith
Autentik Events
Autentik Events, every company is guaranteed an event that is in line with its philosophy and objective. We rely on tailor-made programs to ensure the originality and uniqueness of the event. In our organizational approach, we focus onauthenticity, drawing our inspiration from your dreams, your needs and your aspirations. Classic or off the beaten path, your corporate event will communicate an image that meets your expectations. In addition, we work with service providers who share our values and who emphasize creativity andingenuity.

In this particular period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the establishment of the necessary facilities for the well-being and health safety of the participants is paramount. By working with a professional event planner, these constraints can be optimized to become effective communication tools.

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