Innovation for your hybrid or virtual events!

Our team of experts will help you with your digital events by creating innovative, engaging and interactive experiences for different formats. Take advantage of the power of new technologies to expand the field of possibilities:

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Ensure the success of your e-events by choosing the expertise of a multidisciplinary team to ensure the organization of your digital event.

Customized digital tools

Increase the impact of your actions.

Sharing platform, module of
participant management, evaluation tools,
site dedicated to your event,
smartphone application,
web development, creation of
So many possibilities to animate your
events before, during and after.

The Speaker Room

Maximize the impact of your speeches!

The speaker room is the digital solution to your events: the alternative to event speaking set up in your premises or in our partner event venues and studios.
The speaker room allows you to speak to your audience with the same convention devices but with a “TV set” orientation.
Our goal is to make sure that your message is clear, that the rendering is captivating despite the physical distance.

Live streaming

Reach your audience in real time with high-quality live streaming.

Using live streaming means betting on an ultra-captivating and interactive event. Engage your audience with interactivity modules, sets, recording, live content and create a special bond with your audience.


Bring all your participants together at the international level!

The realization of a multi-site event requires a real technical expertise.
We put at your disposal our team of experts to ensure your event: filming team, streaming engineering, post-production, topeur…
Everything is done to guarantee the smooth running of your Multiplex!

Gamification of events

The digital event is also fun

Hybrid or 100% digital, the online event must succeed in capturing the attention of its audience at
distance. Gamification is the solution. The growing interest in online gaming can be put to
profit to improve the attractiveness of your seminar, team building or online meeting:
quiz / interactive escape game / puzzle game / connected challenge / word cloud
wall of tweets / serious games…

100% customizable designs

Give your guests a real immersive visual experience

Give a unique modern touch to your event and
Many techniques animate in a dynamic way different volumes and surfaces, buildings, objects…
– Mapping
– 2D or 3D universe
– Inlay on green background
– Visual and video design (Integration / Broadcast / Capture)
– Creation of custom-made decorations

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