18 September 2019 Autentik Events

The trend is towards plants!

It’s a fact, everyone today wants to reconnect with nature. This need to get back to basics is also felt in companies, in a constantly changing world. Seminars, incentives, conferences… professional events are gradually moving away from austere industrial premises to greener and more peaceful surroundings. There are many benefits to be had!

The plant trend, real contributions for events

The vegetal trend is not yet another aesthetic revolution as many fashion trends are. This return to green marks a real desire of the population to find a more natural, more harmonious environment. In short, we are looking for a less artificial setting.

In the context of a corporate event, the plant trend marks a desire to rediscover the peaceful spirit and serenity of the wilderness. By organizing a seminar or an incentive in a setting close to nature, you will first of all renew your ties with a world far removed from stress. The mere sight of plants and trees invites relaxation of body and mind. A disconnection from everyday life that our team will be happy to make you experience.

The proximity of nature is also an opportunity to get some fresh air, allowing your employees to be more receptive to the different messages that you will communicate through the activities, including the introduction toeco-responsibility.

Finally, green MICE are often less expensive to organize while allowing everyone to get off the beaten track. Our experts can also help you with your future projects on the theme of plants.

The choice of the places and animations, essential to stay close to nature

In an overly modernized world, we have placed great importance on machines, computers and connected devices. The plant-based trend for seminars and corporate events allows participants to break away from their usual decor.

Terra BotanicaAmong the ideal places to go green, we can mention Terra Botanica, not far from Angers. This theme park entirely dedicated to the plant world was inspired by King René of Anjou. A unique site in France that brings together species from around the world, organized in different areas. The paths that follow these spaces invite participants to an unusual world tour. From the suspended balloon, you can contemplate the whole park. You can also sail it in a boat. There are also many fun activities to discover the history of plants and learn how to take care of them. We can propose you several ideas of animations for an original seminar.

Nature and castle for your seminar!  In France and elsewhere in Europe, there are other plant decorations to choose from, such as castles surrounded by magnificent gardens or vast forest estates. Their bucolic setting is both rejuvenating and motivating, and the activities to be shared as a team are varied: hiking, historical discoveries, etc. Among the best destinations, the Pays de la Loire or the mountainous landscapes of Bavaria, in Germany, present a real potential for a professional event.

Even if you stay in the city, it is still possible to follow the plant trend for your incentive days. Go to the parks, or enjoy the contact with urban nature at a market garden or community garden. From the choice of setting to the activities, we can help you organize your event according to your aspirations, so don’t hesitate to ask for our expertise.


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