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The magic recipe for a successful event

If we mention magic for theorganization of a corporate event, it is because this component is indispensable. To make your seminars, incentives or team buildings unforgettable, it is necessary to arouse emotions and create beautiful memories. With its years of experience, Autentik Events shares three essential ingredients to ensure the success of your event.

The place of the event: create emotion, bet on a unique decor

The best memories freeze with the strongest emotions. We remember very well a very good birthday cake from our childhood. It is difficult for us to remember clearly the journey from a month ago to the office, which is much more recent. The emotion factor is the difference between these two distinct facts. To make your corporate event a success, you must play on these emotions.

event decor

The setting is one of the drivers that will create this sensitivity on the part of the participants. Always go for the wow effect! If you use your own premises, it is essential to modify the decor. Make it rural, bright, historical…, the main thing is to make people forget the usual environment by choosing a particular theme. Or dare an impressive high-tech animation like video mapping to dazzle your guests!

You can also rent a room or an outdoor space. A rooftop, a natural park, a castle… there are countless ideas to mark the spirits. It all depends on your business objectives.

The event experience: activities to boost and unite

In the past, seminars were associated with long meetings in large groups. Boredom quickly set in among the audience, who then retained only part of the messages communicated. To make your event a success, organize a rhythmic day, alternating formal meetings with less formal and more playful activities.

  • Organize daytime activities that bring people together

Why not organize a synchronized drumming workshop? The first misfires, sources of laughter, will be followed by a feeling of accomplishment when the group will play in total synchronization. If you are close to nature, schedule a survival course with the construction of an improvised hut or an entire camp. The idea is to strengthen team cohesion in a friendly atmosphere. There are also creative workshops based on recycling.

For each activity, the key is to maintain the focus and excitement of each participant. On the other hand, one should not fall into overkill at the risk of saturating the meeting.

event activity

  • Plan prestigious, unusual or original events

The evenings are conducive to gala dinners and prestigious festivities. To mark the spirits, you can organize a ball out of time. To ensure the success of the organization, it is advisable to work in partnership with a costume rental company to help participants get into the theme. The modern circus shows that alternate between enchantment and burlesque are also very successful.

Evening event

The caterer: a pillar of the event industry

The kitchen plays an important role in the magic of a corporate event. Beyond the originality and quality of the animations, the flavors also create emotions and sensations. To avoid false notes, we recommend that you use the services of a professional caterer. Each dish must play on both the visual rendering and the gustatory bouquet to amaze. In addition, the beverages offered must be in harmony with the food, an essential point for the gourmets.

professional caterer

So how do you choose the right caterer? The ideal is to focus on creativity, artistry and ethics for an event beyond all expectations. We are not only looking for efficiency, but also a real capacity to surprise. An event caterer must also be able to ensure a fast service without affecting the quality of each dish presented. Therefore, be sure to choose a provider that has sufficient staff on its team.

You will be able to surf on new trends, such as foreign cuisine or street food to surprise your guests. The key to a successful cocktail party or buffet is above all to articulate the preparations around a defined theme.

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