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The healthy event: a new trend that is a hit!


The healthy event comes in the midst of widespread environmental awareness. In this context, more and more companies are focusing on events to convey their eco-responsible message. This includes “green” events, conveying key values around sustainable development. Hence the new healthy trend on events, promoting a healthier lifestyle and respecting its environment. Our experts tell you more.

Healthy event: promote healthy eating with food animations


To transmit to your employees the key notions of sustainable development, there is nothing like a healthy event around a culinary workshop and/or a tasting to transmit the main ecological principles. An animation that is both fun and educational. At a time when the French feel more and more concerned by healthy eating (according to a recent survey), it is natural to follow the wave among professionals. That’s why a growing number of professional structures offer this type of activity during a healthy event. It can take many forms, such as an organic cooking class in which participants learn about the importance of the origin of the product, how it was produced and the conditions under which it was made. The intervention of farmers is sometimes required in order to present to the employees actors from the field who are able to explain the sustainable issues of food.

Some workshops focus on a particular healthy dimension: the promotion of vegetarian cuisine, locavore (made only from local products), zero waste… They are sometimes a first step for companies that could potentially introduce healthier food within their premises, by calling on a committed restaurant owner. The healthy event can thus act as a springboard for professionals.

Our Autentik Events advice: think of adding a playful note to your culinary animation (contest, blind tasting, etc.) during your healthy event. Nothing like it to motivate your employees! Do not hesitate to ask our teams for this type of healthy animation.

Healthy event & lifestyle activities: adopt a healthy lifestyle at work


Many office workers will tell you that it is not easy to combine sport and work when you sit for hours at a time behind your computer. After a busy day, finding the motivation is sometimes a real challenge! That’s why some companies bring in speakers directly to their workplaces. In other words, to give their employees the opportunity to indulge in a healthier lifestyle without having to make too much effort.

For this, there is nothing like an indoor healthy event with a speaker offering wellness activities. This is demonstrated by demonstrations of key gestures to adopt on a daily basis (meditative breaks, “power naps”, breathing exercises, postures, etc.) but also examples of sports and/or relaxing activities that can be practiced at work within a dedicated space. During an event, one or more professionals come and let employees try out their activity: yoga, ayurveda, pilates, meditation… A concept that is very popular with professionals!

Healthy event: transmit well-being values with a speaker


In addition to the organization of a healthy event and its activities by professionals, some companies also choose to use speakers specialized in the field of wellness. Like the stakeholders mentioned above, it is also about helping employees and the company in general to adopt the right health practices to minimize stress at work and evolve in a more peaceful environment. The speakers in question may have different types of jobs depending on the focus of the event: work psychologist, meditation teacher, ergonomist, etc. Concrete examples are sometimes presented during the conference through demonstrations (breathing exercises for example) to create a more immersive effect.

Good to know: this type of healthy event can also meet very concrete objectives for a company, such as conflict resolution within a team or emotionality at work. It’s up to you to define your priorities, we will help you find the right speaker for your needs!

At Autentik Events, we can help you set up this type of event within your company, based on the way your employees work and the expectations of your company. Don’t hesitate to ask for our expertise for your next healthy event.

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