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Succeed with your event road show!

Road show événementiel

Organizing an event road show means choosing to get closer to your target audience. For the presentation of a product or a service, this promotional tour is an effective marketing tool. To succeed, preparation is essential, as is the choice of communication media and locations. Here are the five keys to a road show that will leave a lasting impression.

  1. Event road show: focus on preparation and planning

To guarantee the success of an event road show, it is necessary to take the time to prepare it well. Several weeks or even months are necessary to set up the whole organization. First, the purpose of the series of events must be carefully determined. This step allows us to identify the targets, and therefore the most suitable places to meet them.

After having determined the objectives of the road show, it is necessary to work on its content. For the sales people who will be on site, the best improvisation is preparation. The arguments must be refined and the content of any brochures adapted accordingly. Afterwards, we must proceed to the implementation of the planning. Between the choice of places and dates, take into account the frequentation of the identified sites and the logistic constraints.

  1. Take care of the communication around the road show

The success of a road show depends largely on the communication before the event. Attract the attention of your potential customers by playing on the announcement effect based on proximity. The message conveyed between the different cities or localities will therefore vary. Wherever possible, adapt the message to the cultural specifics of the site. This will give you a better impact and attract more people.

The communication is also done during the road show. Use your team to alert passersby on adjacent streets to the event.

  1. Choosing the right setting and visual of the infrastructure

For your event road show, do you need to create a demountable structure? Are you planning a truck? Or have you opted for an inflatable structure? In any case, you have to think about the dressing of these different elements to be consistent with the image you want to project. POS (point of sale advertising) supports should also be provided to set the mood and attract the eye.

In order for the visual appearance of the infrastructure to be beneficial, it is essential to determine the exact location of the infrastructure well in advance of the planned date. Poor visibility due to misjudged orientation would be a shame.

  1. Manage the logistics of the road show

During a road show, you have to plan the logistics down to the last detail. Professionals seasoned in the organization of events even carry out rehearsals to be at the top from the first meeting. Thanks to Google Maps, you can now estimate the duration of a journey. By taking a small margin, you will avoid delays due to traffic imponderables. Count on the time it takes to assemble and set up.

For the day, bring snacks, water and a good meal for your team. Also include breaks in the schedule to avoid the animation gap at break times. Identify nearby restrooms. Negotiate with nearby businesses if necessary. At the end of the day, plan for battery-powered projectors in case of late dismantling. You can rent the necessary equipment from specialized service providers or with our help.

  1. Focus on originality

For a road show to be remarkable, it is necessary to propose original animations in agreement with your products or services. It is interesting to do a culinary workshop if you offer food products. A musical show can also attract shoppers. Unusual and always effective, the mimes, the artists on stilts or the magicians always produce the much sought-after wow effect.

Experienced in the organization of corporate events, Autentik Events can help you set up a program of animation in perfect symbiosis with your objectives.

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