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How to make your event stand out from the rest?


Setting your event apart from others has become essential to your business strategy. Indeed, the organization of events is now commonplace in the professional world. Seminars, workshops, teambuilding, conferences… So many elements practiced regularly for its employees. If you want to show an innovative image in terms of events, you will have to be creative. Here are some tips.

Make your event stand out or tap into the latest trends

demarcate-eventDo you want your event to stand out from the crowd so that it hits home with your professional community? It is important to adopt an effective strategy. The latter consists in learning about the latest event trends before organizing your event. The goal? Guarantee your success with your employees while showing yourself as a company that is on the lookout for new things. Therefore, find out what’s new in the world of events. Then, try to find a theme that fits into this framework, but which has never (or rarely) been addressed. It’s time for agreen event? In this respect, focus your event in this area and find the little extra that will make the difference! Sustainable triathlon, zero waste conference, ecological innovation contest within your company…

In short, the main thing is to find the event that makes you stand out while staying in thenews. As experts in the field, we can guide you towards this type of project.

The watchword: brainstorm to make your event stand out

eventIn order to distinguish your event from others, it is imperative to enter into a brainstorming process. Because an original event necessarily means upstream monitoring work. Because we are more successful with others, we recommend that you do your research as a team. Solicit a team of collaborators and divide the tasks. To do this, it is necessary to analyze which themes have been the most discussed lately. Once you have established these themes, divide them among each collaborator in your research pool. Everyone will focus on a certain area, which you will then group together in a group meeting. This will give you a general picture of the latest event trends. An advice: to anticipate this work, do not hesitate to subscribe to media dealing with event news. There’s no better way to stay on top of the latest trends.

Think about the location and atmosphere of your event

demarcate-eventSetting your event apart is not simply a matter of finding THE theme that will differentiate you from others. Once this theme is defined, it is now time to think about the layout of your event. Indeed, thinking about innovation is not enough, you must also imagine its implementation. By skimping on the design and staging, you risk not getting the desired effect: originality! A rooftop vegetable garden, a suspended hut, a 100% pure Japanese atmosphere, a hyperconnected venue… Think about both the heart and the design of your event! At Autentik Events, we can accompany you in this process. Our mission: to help you consider all the dimensions of your event project, so that it really stands out.

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