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How to enhance your event?

You have a big event to organize soon? Launch of a new product or brand, anniversary of your company, merger with another company, motivation seminar, gala evening… Whatever the theme of the event, it must leave a lasting impression, foster relationships and conviviality. To distinguish yourself, the choice of the place as well as the animation is essential. It will be a sort of showcase for your company’s image. So, no question of making a mistake! Discover all our tips to enhance your event.


Start by defining the characteristics of your event

Would you like to spend a day, an afternoon or an entire evening there? How many guests (employees, clients, partners and others)? An outdoor or indoor event is a must? What is the budget allocated? These are all questions that will guide your choices for the future. Understanding all the aspects of your event will allow you to be more efficient in the selection of the venue and the animations. Indeed, a party with 25 people will not be the same as with a hundred people.


Master the communication to make people talk about your event


Teasing always pays off. Don’t hesitate to use several means of communication to make your event a must-see. A little game to set the tone of the day or evening, mysterious emails sent regularly to reveal little by little what awaits your guests, a video mapping session in your premises to put everyone in the mood before the big day, a communication on the company’s social networks… The goal is to create a desire to attend this special occasion.


It’s a great way to motivate your employees, promise them a great time, and keep them from feeling like they simply have to come. You may also be able to convince some customers who may be reluctant to receive a simple cardboard invitation. To find good ideas, you can count on the Autentik Events team.


Choose a surprising venue to match your event

For a successful event, it is necessary to bring an exceptional character to it. The ideal is therefore to go beyond the ordinary framework of the company and to rent a prestigious place, an atypical or unusual place. This way, you will give your guests and all participants the opportunity to live a truly unique experience. To present a high-end product, for example, a private party at the Louvre Museum in Paris or the privatization of a yacht will be remembered for a long time. A wine estate in Burgundy, such as the prestigious Maison Régnard, or a castle steeped in history also offers a magnificent setting. The list is not exhaustive, between neutral and fully customizable spaces, mansions of character, casinos, mansions, barges, etc.


Plan original animations

If the choice of the place must create the surprise, it is the same for the program. You don’t necessarily need to blow your budget to enhance your event. Take advantage of the configuration of the premises, the presence of a large garden and Use your imagination! Set up an offbeat photobooth that will amuse all the participants or rent paintball equipment… For an event in the air of time, Let yourself be tempted by the digital animations: drone race, virtual treasure hunt, etc.

Thanks to our expertise in event management, we are able to concoct a program that will boost your corporate event.

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