14 July 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

How to differentiate yourself at events?

Offering a unique dimension to your corporate event is the best way to benefit from it. For your privileged customers, your collaborators or your partners, this investment in communication and human resources management must be a milestone so that the medium and long term ROI is effective. Here are five essential tips to differentiate yourself at your next event.

1. Create a scenography in accordance with the philosophy of the event and the company

Whatever the corporate event, it is important to distinguish yourself by a creative and original staging. You can tap into the trends to appeal to participants. You can also opt for an offbeat scenography, inspired by your particular internal philosophy or aspirations. Preparation is the key to a successful stage design. Every element must be chosen with care, from color matching to decorative objects. The background music and animation also contribute to the magic of the event. You shouldn’t try to do too much. Theauthenticity of the creative process is often more profitable than excess.

2. Encourage participant engagement in events

A grandiose scenography cannot be of any benefit if the participants of the seminar,incentive, congress or afterwork are not fully involved. Between the various meetings scheduled in the program, it is essential to set up activities and breaks that require the full cooperation of each participant. The multiplication of games in virtual or augmented reality extends the field of possibilities.

3. Rely on a dynamic facilitator and speakers

The quality of the animation throughout the day or evening counts for the success and uniqueness of your corporate events. Based on a clear lead and optimized timing, the facilitator will have the task of arousing the enthusiasm of the participants. For the interventions that are sure to enrich the program, choose experts who have mastered their field of intervention. It is also necessary that they know how to express themselves in public. A boring speech may indeed bring down the soufflet, even if the other ingredients of the organization are in order. It is entirely possible to coach speakers so that they become comfortable in front of an audience. This way, we can reach the dynamism and the conviviality of the keynotes of the Silicon Valley companies.

4. Move towards a more ecological organization

Much more than a trend, sustainable development is now the key to a quality event organization. The participants are increasingly aware of the various actions with a high environmental impact. It becomes strategic to make this choice. Opt for eco-friendly corporate gifts, such as reusable bottles. For decoration, give preference to materials from recycling channels. If ephemeral decorations have been used, you can reuse them or transform them to make them permanent in your structures later on. You can also donate them to recovery organizations. The goal in the end is to minimize the carbon footprint.

5. Draw on the experience of an event agency

To ensure the success of your event, rely on an event management expert. He masters the supply chain. He also has the experience to inspire you with the best ideas. Your own suggestions and aspirations will enrich its contributions to achieve the uniqueness and originality so sought after. Moreover, the help of a professional agency allows to control the global budget of the event.

If you have a corporate event in preparation, the Autentik Events teams are able to assist you.

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