3 April 2019 Autentik Events

How to choose the right teambuilding activity?


With the arrival of the warm season, teambuilding activities bloom like buds in spring. Here are some ideas for outdoor teambuilding in a federative and friendly spirit! Our pros give you their advice.

#1 Organize your teambuilding on a rooftop

rooftopA classic for corporate seminars, the rooftop is a timeless feature. It allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings, but also to organize your event in an original setting while enjoying the spring weather. From the classic, elegant and sober rooftop to the vegetal, design and conceptual rooftop, there are many places that can reflect the image of your company.

Note that some rooftops can even be specially designed for your event. In this perspective, it is always wise to benefit from the help of a professional who can guide you in your choice of location but also in the layout of the place. At Autentik-Events, our expertise allows us to offer you a wide range of addresses, from the most intimate to the most extravagant.

#2 Focus on a nature outing

bubbleAt a time of overconnection in our companies, it is sometimes important to encourage your employees to focus on the core values of your company and disconnect a little from their workplace. It is no longer a secret: too much stress at work often leads to a drop in productivity, which can go as far as “burn-out” in extreme cases.

So, there is nothing like a nature activity to get out of your professional environment for a moment and learn to breathe, in order to start again. Whatever your location in France, the possibilities are vast: seaside weekends, orienteering in the forest, hiking, mediation in the middle of nowhere… A word of advice: also think about unusual accommodations built in the heart of a plant environment (perched cabins, open-air bubbles, etc.), a phenomenon that is on the rise.
In view of the vast field of possibilities, we can help you to sort out and direct you towards the most suitable nature activity for your objectives.

#3 Attend an outdoor performance

outdoorWould you like to invite your employees to a show or other entertainment to unite the teams? Great idea, but why not take advantage of mild, sunny days and choose an outdoor setting? In addition to enjoying a pleasant climate, it also gives you the opportunity to choose an innovative and original place for your employees, and motivate them even more to come to the place. For example, it is possible to privatize some of the period courtyards, gardens or amphitheaters, offering the public an elegant and original place. Unsure of the outdoor location for your event? Don’t hesitate to ask for our knowledge in this field!

Whatever your goal in organizing your teambuilding (incentive, team synergy, creativity, communication…), we adapt your needs to the realization of your event, so that it is personalized and reflects your values. Our motto at Autentik-Events: tailor-made!

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