12 February 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

Focus on the animations not to be missed

Looking for an original animation to motivate your troops? You want to reward your team or your best customers? Focus on the must-see animations of the moment to create an unforgettable corporate event. For a seminar, a team building or a festive evening, opt for an original, innovative or unusual activity to make a lasting impression.

Short film workshop: a creative animation

Animation short filmIdeal to federate the team, the cinema workshop for the shooting of a short film is the ideal team building activity . A real creative and technical challenge, this activity also has the advantage of making accessible what is not usually accessible, the backstage of a film. Offer each participant a role from script writing to shooting. Rely on humorous stories to cultivate good humor and quality relationships. The viewing of the result will be the occasion of a festive evening, like in Hollywood.

A day or an evening on a festive bike: a convivial animation par excellence

Festive bikeCapable of accommodating a group of up to 15 people, the Bike Bar is an excellent choice for strengthening the cohesion of a small team. Guided by an animator who will drive the vehicle, this pedal bar will stroll through the city with the strength of the participants’ legs. While moving this unusual vehicle, you will be able to share mugs of beer, champagne or wine balloons, to be enjoyed in moderation and in all conviviality. You will also be able to share mocktails, charcuterie and cheese platters… By reconciling good mood and team spirit, this unusual animation will be talked about for long weeks and will help your team to get motivated.

An evening in period costume: the entertainment for your employees or your customers

Original animationTo reward your team or your most loyal customers, think about organizing a gala evening in period costume. It will be an opportunity for your team to meet in a great setting. Thanks to this type of event, your clients will also feel privileged. Choose your preferred era and design your space accordingly. Autentik Events helps you stage the site to ensure the authenticity of the atmosphere. We can also put you in touch with costume rental companies for more convenience. Beyond the design, the food and music contribute to the success of the evening. For a few hours, take a trip back in time to the 19th century, the 1920s, the 1960s or the 1970s.

The recycling workshop: in the perspective of sustainable development

Green animationUsing your own company’s materials, introduce your employees to the creation of handicrafts or artistic objects. This animation has a double objective. First of all, it is a matter of promoting the eco-responsible spirit. Just like the company, everyone is responsible for the future of the planet. Secondly, this kind of activity values creativity and team spirit. Managers will have the opportunity to detect unsuspected soft skills in their team members. Add a playful touch to the moment by organizing a cocktail party at the same time.

Autentik Events teams can help you to set up trendy and original animations for your seminars and other corporate events.

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