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Digital platforms (applications) on your events: what are the advantages?


Digital is no longer an option within companies because it has become an unavoidable mode of communication and organization for the majority of employees. By using it wisely, it can also become an essential ally for the organization of your events. Our specialists explain how digital platforms are an effective springboard for the success of your corporate seminars, conferences and other professional events.

Better manage your event calendar

agendaThere are applications totally dedicated to your event agenda, from the preparation meeting to the post-event debriefing! They not only allow you to better organize the stages of your event but also to personalize them. These digital tools offer you, among other things, animations for your meetings to motivate your employees, suggestions for group activities, projects, etc. The goal is to help you adopt an efficient timeline for your project, respect your deadlines but also be inventive with an application created by and for event organizers. The degree of customization will obviously depend on your budget. As such, we are able to offer you different applications adapted to your means and your corporate needs.


Helping you accelerate your networking

networkingThe constitution of a network is essential during the organization of your event for the durability of your structure and the establishment of a portfolio of larger customers. Even when the crops are good, you are never safe from less glorious days, hence the interest of relying on solid partners. With this in mind, some digital applications allow you to develop your network during trade shows, conventions and other events. It offers you the possibility to digitize your business cards so that you don’t have to carry them all to the event (especially since we sometimes meet more than twenty prospects in one event) and to exchange your contact information easily, with a flick of the thumb! We can present you with some of the best applications dedicated to this purpose.



Enhance your event with fun and original animations

animationsSome digital applications allow you to federate your employees around an immersive animation. We will
offers for example the projection in real time of the photos of the participants who will have in their turn the possibility of liking and commenting in live. This can be projected on any type of screen to fit any type of structure. This gives each participant the opportunity to feel included and involved in the event, while offering them a moment of relaxation within structures that are sometimes very (too) classic. Some even link the application to a projection device in order to realize a real interactive facade mapping!






A piece of advice, regardless of the application(s) you choose: remember to make participants aware of the digital tool before the event. This will give them time to learn how to use these applications and be comfortable on the day. Don’t hesitate to organize information meetings for this purpose and eventually inform them by SMS, notifications or email to create a “teasing” effect. We can help you to carry out this type of awareness with your employees.

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