29 September 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

7 tips for successful hybrid events!

The spread of coronavirus and the inherent health constraints have brought hybrid events into focus. This type of organization draws its effectiveness from the combination of face-to-face programming and virtual interaction. To ensure the success of the organization, there must be a perfect synergy between the two worlds. Here are 7 useful tips for successful hybrid events.

1. Unite the physical and virtual audience

When organizing an event, the involvement of the participating public is one of the key success factors. To ensure that on-site participants are just as engaged as those online, it is essential to provide visual, audio or textual interaction.

The virtual audience can be projected on a screen and comments from off-site participants can be shared online on a regular basis. Alternating between in-person and online will also emphasize audience federation.

2. Send out proper invitations for your hybrid event

Both in-person and remote participants should receive the same invitation to the scheduledhybrid event . Obviously, the format of the location announcement will differ, but it is essential to emphasize theformality of the date, especially for the online audience.

3. Implement a program without dead time

If for the audience physically present, it is possible to fill the dead time with informal discussions, for the online audience, it is easy to drop out. Therefore, programming must be put in place that leaves no room for blanks.

If gaps are unavoidable, plan a broadcast that will allow everyone to wait. So why not create a video about the company’s history or ambitions?

4. Setting up the stage as a film set for your hybrid events

For the online audience, the only visible frame is the screen, unlike the people present. To overcome this constraint, we advise a staging in the manner of a film or television set. The shooting and sound recording must also be of high quality. Today there are many dedicated sites that have all the necessary infrastructure for the reception of the public and the shooting for the network.

5. Set up a control room for live broadcasting

To ensure the consistency of the images and projections broadcast online, a control room must be set up. It will ensure that the different images are sent harmoniously. It is also this control room that ensures the integration of interactive content, any comments and written interventions from the virtual audience, jingles and multimedia animations.

6. Ensure sufficient flow

Image jumps, sound clipping and cuts are all problems that occur when the Internet speed is not sufficient. However, it is important to know that video broadcasting requires a very high bandwidth. In addition, there is interactivity that involves online public participation. It is possible to rent a temporary broadband connection from many providers. Aggregate flow technology allows the speed of multiple operators to be combined.

7. Use storytelling to energize a hybrid event

To capture the audience’s attention, you have to know how to tell a story. And to tell a story well, you have to know how to arouse emotion. Instead of long presentations that can bore the audience, humanize each message shared.

Storytelling relies oninnovation and authenticity in communication. By drawing on your company’s experience and history, the Autentik Events teams can help you create an original and captivating scenario.

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