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5 good reasons to offer teambuilding to your employees


Teambuilding is one of the key tools for the development of a company because it meets several objectives, which vary according to the structure. It allows you to create links and federate your collaborators, instill creativity, team spirit and many other key drivers for your company. Here are 5 good reasons to offer teambuilding to your employees during an event.

#1 Teambuilding: a unifying tool

teambuilding4There are several contexts in which teambuilding can be used to create a bond between your employees. For example, in the context of new hires within your team, teambuilding can allow everyone to get to know each other better through one or more bonding activities. Team sports, various workshops (cooking, painting, theater), orienteering, escape game, etc. All these elements place your employees in a friendly and playful context. In this respect, we can guide you towards collaborative activities.

#2 Teambuilding as a vehicle for creativity

creativeHaving hard-working employees is one thing, but instilling creativity in your teams is another. It often happens that employees are unable to express their creativity in the workplace for various reasons: uneasiness, a rather withdrawn character, recent arrival in the company, etc. If you want your employees to be a force of proposal and bring new ideas to work, teambuilding can be very beneficial. It allows to put at ease the employees of a structure by means of activities focused on the surpassing of oneself and the creativity. Theatrical improvisation is one of the main tools to give free rein to the expressiveness of each person. In this context, participants are challenged to give their best and find tools to stimulate the assembly and create emotion. A parallel that can be transposed to the company!

Other teambuilding activities can be considered to stimulate creativity such as role playing, cooking workshops, or even mock trials for law firms for example. Our role at Autentik Events? Help you determine the best teambuilding activity to meet your objectives.

#3 Teambuilding as an incentive

teambuilding3Teambuilding is not only about developing the skills of your employees. It can also simply be considered as a reward tool to celebrate the success of your business. To thank your employees for a job well done, you can therefore imagine fun and immersive group activities to motivate them to continue on their way. To do this, find out beforehand what each person’s affinities are so that you can offer them a suitable activity. We can support you in this sense.

#4 Teambuilding to redefine your identity

identityIn the context of a company buyout, name change, editorial line, etc., it is important to get the message across to your employees. For this, there is nothing like teambuilding! For example, it can be used to meet new employees with whom you will be working, but also to better understand the internal changes taking place within your company in a fun and immersive way. For example, you can create a theme related to these changes (e.g. if you are about to go 100% digital, create an event related to digital). We can provide you with our expertise as specialists in corporate change management.

#5 Teambuilding to reduce conflict

teambuildingTeambuilding is indeed an excellent way to manage internal conflicts. Because we don’t necessarily choose our colleagues, we often find ourselves working with people with very different characters. Strong heads, introverts, eccentrics and other personalities are all found together in the same structure and it is not easy to generate a uniform understanding. In this perspective, you can imagine teambuilding activities bringing the participants to work in team and to elaborate common strategies. For example, in the context of an escape game, it is with the help of common reflections that we often manage to solve the enigmas, all in a very playful atmosphere. Make your employees have to help each other to complete a common task! We are able to guide you in this type of event project.

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