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Your event in an amusement park!

Rely on theme parks to create the unexpected at your next corporate event! Gather your teams by organizing your evening, seminar or teambuilding in an amusement park. Generate something new and unusual off the beaten track, in an amusement park, yes but… On what occasion?

Our experts tell you more!

Create an event in an amusement park

1 – Your company’s anniversary date is for example a suitable time for an event in a theme park. This way, your employees will remember the great moments spent together in an exceptional setting as part of a corporate celebration.

2 – Take advantage of the launch of a new product or service to organize your corporate event. This is the opportunity to present the originality of the place to your employees before it is communicated to your guests.

3- The back-to-school period is also an excellent choice for a seminar or a company party . The festive atmosphere and the thrills of the theme park are a perfect transition between the summer nonchalance and the intense rhythm of the recovery.

4- Reward your employees and choose to organize a seminar in an amusement park during an incentive seminar or a teambuilding A group outing in a recreational area should be associated with a strong symbol.

Amusement parks are perfectly adapted to an internal and external strategy for companies!

Create motivation and boost your team!

Promote Conviviality, Fun and Excellence at the Parc Asterix for example or at the Futuroscope among others! They have their own specific areas for the reception of groups as well as various hotel infrastructures to meet your needs.

Our teams are able to organize your seminar to the smallest detail according to your aspirations and theThe benefits of the experience will be profitable for your company.


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