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What is brand activation?

Brand activation is an essential notion in the development of an active, customer-centric marketing strategy. The idea is to offer an experience that will arouse special interest in consumers. This operational approach will result in the creation of an emotional bond .

Brand activation definitionBrand activation: definition and strategy

Brand activation is defined as all the communication
communication actions
implemented to reinforce the image of the company and its products to the target consumers. The first objective is to make the brand known. After acquiring leads, the next step is to turn them into customers. Brand activation is also about building customer loyalty.

In order forbrand activation to be successful, you need to find the right marketing strategy to stand out among the myriad of competitors. The best way to do this is to arouse emotion. Attachment and memories are created more easily through sensations and feelings. These emotions can emerge from nostalgia, love, surprise, but also fear and sadness.

Advertisements, marketing actions, but also the user experience are part of the elements that actively participate in the brand activation strategy.

Interaction: the essential ingredient of a successful brand activation

The success of a brand activation depends largely on the interaction created as a result of the operation. Unlike a simple advertisement that seeks to convince a potential customer, this particular marketing approach aims to create a long-term relationship.

The role of social networks is thus essential. These platforms are the relays where your different actions will be shared. You need to stimulate exchanges to maintain the emotional link between your company and your potential and actual customers. The discussions between the acquired leads as well as the messages sent to you materialize this interaction.

Brand activation: five concrete examples to better understand

As anevent agency, Autentik Events favors customized experiences to optimizebrand activation. We have selected for you five specific cases that will help strengthen your company’s image with the target audience:

1. The concept store

Ideal for launching a brand to the general public, the concept store differs from a simple point of sale by its optimized layout and its theme. Its decoration as well as its shopping path are thus thought to arouse the curiosity or the passion of the visitors. The concept stores integrate animations that imply a great interactivity (workshop, demonstration, gourmet stop…).

2. The influence

Influencers nowadays play an important role in the promotion of products and services on the Internet. Their advantage in brand activation strategy is their special relationship with their audience. Products and services presented via influencers have a more positive perception and are likely to appeal.

3. Create an event

Rely on the creation of an
original event
and unexpected event to get people talking about your brand. Use the latest digital technologies and artificial intelligence to enrich your date. You may as well base your event on past memories if your company’s philosophy lends itself to it.

4. Organize a contest

A traditional and still relevant method forbrand activation, the contest allows you to get the public to adhere to your products to be promoted. This action also generates buzz on social networks. Internet users are always motivated by the possibility of winning something.

5. Affiliate links

To increase your brand awareness, you can ask a popular blog author to include an affiliate link to your flagship products. Unlike a paid article, an affiliate link generates income only if sales are made after the click. This feature usually prompts content creators to optimize the layout of your articles.

Benefit from the expertise of our event agency in Paris to promote your brand in the best way. We focus on customized solutions to perfectly match your company’s expectations.

Analyze the returns of your brand activation campaigns

No matter what corporate event you are organizing for your brand activation, you should always analyze the returns. Today’s digital tools provide programs to compile and interpret the data collected to derive strategic information. However, the collection must be done in accordance with the rules of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). More clearly, you need to get the consent of your leads and customers.

Interpreting the data allows you to determine the most effective actions with your target audience. For future brand activation events, you can refine your marketing plan.

Get support to achieve your brand support goals

Implementing a brand activation strategy optimized for your business needs is difficult. You need to master the various activation tools to get the most out of them. To accompany you, our event agency in Paris can establish your communication and corporate event program. Because your event is unique, we offer custom-made solutions.

Contact us directly to let us know your needs. Or drop by and we’ll discuss it over coffee!

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