7 July 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

What is a Hybrid event?

A hybrid event combines the advantages of both worlds. But for this new trend to be a success, it requires creativity and adaptation. We can thus put in symbiosis the traditional tools and those brought by the new technologies.

Hybrid event: wider reach as added value

scope hybrid eventA hybrid event is not a simple broadcast or replay of an on-site organization through digital platforms. It’s about leveraging technological developments so that those onsite and offsite interact with those offsite.

This type of program has two advantages:

  • extend its reach beyond the physical limits of the chosen location.
  • be able to exceed the number of participants imposed by the site.

In the particular context of Covid-19, it is an excellent way to have a maximum of participants without exceeding the health constraints. Beyond the crisis, a hybrid event allows a multi-site or international company to break the limit of geographical boundaries.

What you need to know about designing a hybrid event

hybrid event designThis concept can be applied to a seminar, a kick off for a company project, a strategic convention… The quality of the organization is essential to ensure maximum impact with the participants.

  • How to ensure the effectiveness of the event?

The first point to ensure in the design of a hybrid event is to guarantee the efficiency of the technological infrastructure. It is essential to maintain the fluidity of the images transmitted from the place where the event is taking place, but also from the various remote actors.

The quality of the images and sound must be optimal. This is the sine qua non for participants to interact without constraints. Microphones must be placed in the room to capture each intervention. The bandwidth of the Internet connection must be very high and stable to avoid cuts and hatchings.

  • The scenography

After the technical side is finalized, we have to look at the scenography of the event. Thanks to a careful staging, it is necessary that the people physically present and those connected feel the same emotions. It is therefore necessary to ensure the rendering of the many decorative elements on the screen. The sound ambiance is also part of this scenography. Taking a specific example, bright light may be advantageous on the physical site, but will harm the transmitted quality.

To harmonize interactions, a powerful software platform is required. This tool must be able to manage the different connections in a harmonious way.

A meticulous preparation

preparation for a hybrid eventWhile the hybrid event combines the advantages of both physical and online organizations, it also has some limitations. To ensure that online participants will actually attend, the date, time and issues must be promoted.

On the day of the event, it is necessary to ensure a program that scrupulously respects the announced schedule. Online participants are much less patient than those present on site. The ease of disconnection does not forgive any delay.

Autentik Events’ teams will help you set up a hybrid event that meets your expectations. We focus on creativity and authenticity of concept, and make it a point of honor to provide appropriate technological solutions.

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