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Theme parties: what are the advantages?

Halloween is coming up, and it’s time to talk about the benefits of a themed party for corporate events. Beyond the costume parties, there are countless possibilities to bring originality to your parties, incentives and team buildings. Let our experts guide you to organize an unforgettable theme party with your employees.

Themed evening for your corporate event: the advantage of being different

The essential disco ball for a very seventies themed partyKnowing how to make the right choice and how to stand out is the secret of a successful corporate theme party! First, you need to consider the average age and profile of your employees. If there is a large age gap between the youngest and the oldest, a unifying theme. This will provide a bridge between the generations. On the contrary, if the team is mostly young, you can opt for an evening that will take advantage of the group’s dynamism.

Whatever the theme of the evening, this corporate event will be a chance for everyone to conform to a particular dress code. By putting on a costume or a disguise, it is easier to make contact. It is also easier to smooth out any tensions that may have built up in the work environment. You can also be sure that the festive atmosphere is a source of good humor. Trust our team to put together a program that brings people together in an ideal setting.

Some ideas for an unforgettable theme party

Classic or totally new, here are some ideas for a theme party that will make your employees happy. As a reward or to motivate your group, your event must be memorable.

  1. World culture evening: choose a country, preferably exotic to emphasize the change of scenery, and impose the appropriate outfits. Between a Brazilian, African, Japanese or Hawaiian evening, make the choice and create a magical decor. Participants will have to make an effort to find the right costume for the chosen theme. For a better immersion, match the kitchen to the party atmosphere.
  2. Superhero party: perfect for a mostly young audience, this party will be a great way for your employees to dress up as their favorite hero. Today’s heroes are omnipresent on the screen, but this time they will be your employees. A contest for the best costume will reward the effort made to find the right costume.
  3. Cabaret evening: with the help of professionals or based on the talent pool of your employees, organize a memorable cabaret with iconic songs and choreography. Involve everyone in the preparation, in the logistics or for the shows… you will create a great enthusiasm and reinforce the feeling of belonging. You will also give some the opportunity to overcome their shyness.
  4. Evening with a medieval themeVintage party: this is another party that requires every participant to come in costume. Medieval, western, 20’s, 60’s, hippie atmosphere… , choose the best theme to please the most people. A small, discreet survey can be conducted at the time of project initiation. For the realization, decorate the room according to the chosen period and select the appropriate music.

We make it easy for you to find the necessary infrastructure. We also find you artists and animators to bring the chosen theme to life. In short, a truly customized program!


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