4 August 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

The speaker room for the revival of the event industry

2020 will have been a pivotal year for the event industry. Indeed, if the Covid-19 has severely tested the sector, the weeks of confinement have also allowed it to question itself and reinvent itself. Witness of this evolution, the speaker room becomes a major asset in the organization of a corporate event. It can be a seminar, an incentive, a kick off, a product launch… Autentik Events helps you to better understand this audiovisual tool.

What is the speaker room?

The speaker room is a room dedicated to speaking at a corporate event. Unlike a traditional auditorium, this space is equipped with a camera system that allows the program to be transmitted to a remote audience. The speaker may have an audience in front of him. It can also address only online participants in a digitalized event. In many ways, the speaker room resembles a TV set.

What are the advantages of a speaker room for an event?

A speaker room is the perfect solution fora 100% digital or hybrid event. The first advantage is to be able to bypass the health constraints related to the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

The second advantage of a speaker room is tooffer a scenography adapted to the broadcast. The facilities, lights and cameras are of professional quality. The team that runs the speaker room is also specialized.

Unlike a webcam or a family camera, the image quality is totally controlled. You will thus optimize the speakers you have chosen. This control also involves the judicious placement of logos and visual communication media. Thanks to the inlay technique, the background can be customized.

An accompaniment for the participants

For business leaders and experts who are not used to speaking, speaking is a difficult and stressful exercise. This stress is even greater in a speaker’s room, because the projectors and the professional cameras are individual.

As soon as you prepare, we will advise you on the best configuration for your event. The choice of the area dedicated to the corporate event, the decoration, the lighting and other details is the first step.

You must then master the entrance to the stage, the actual speaking and the exchanges if there are several participants on the speaker room stage.

Interactive tools to interact with the audience

Thanks to the power of the Internet, speaker rooms now have the facilities to communicate with the public. Participants selected to attend a webinar, product launch, or conference discussion can express themselves through polling and voting,posting selfies,sending comments , or even receiving live calls. This last option requires prior registration to determine the program.

This interaction brings additional value to the corporate event. It also reinforces the involvement of the public, thus increasing the scope of the message conveyed.

To help you find the best format for your professional events, do not hesitate to call on Autentik Events.

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