28 July 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

The power of storytelling in events


Capturing the attention of the audience is a major issue for the success of a corporate event. For a seminar, a product launch or any organization that requires speaking, storytelling is a strategic choice . A communication technique in its own right, storytelling is now conquering the world of events. Autentik Events helps you to understand this concept to take full advantage of it.

Storytelling: capturing attention and arousing emotion

For decades, seminars have been associated with long meetings where it is not uncommon to see participants yawning. The concept of storytelling is to replace presentation or advice speeches with a story. Told in a dynamic way, this story will have more power over the participants’ attention.

The great Steve Jobs, genius creator of the famous Apple brand, is one of the references in this field. For each product launch, he doesn’t just describe the devices, but gives them a real story. The objective is to create a strong and positive emotion.

Storytelling: an engine for creativity

For storytelling to be meaningful, you need to be creative. Like successful stories, you have to know how to tell them. It is therefore necessary that the setting, the organizational philosophy and the decoration serve the story to be told.

It is also necessary to find the narrative line for a captivating story. How was the product or company born? What were the most important steps? Popular stories can be used as inspiration and adapted for an original story. The key is to highlight the message you want to convey.

The essential role of staging

The most charismatic speakers manage to capture attention with a minimalist scene. But for the audience to be fully engaged, they must be put in condition by creating a unique setting. Your story can be supported by a video animation, a particular musical program or a sophisticated lighting design.

Throughout the story, the story must remain alive. Just like good novels, every detail counts to increase the emotion of the audience. And just like movies, you have to adapt to your audience when choosing the style.

Share your story on the Internet

Bring your story to life beyond the audience at the corporate event. Through the reaction of Internet users, you will be able to accurately analyze the reach of your communication. It is also an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your event.

Therefore, this particular audience must be considered in the creation and implementation of the organization. Just like the famous Silicon Valley keynotes, you can broadcast your event live.

Autentik Events puts its experience and know-how at your service so that the storytelling that animates your event is authentic and creative. Your story will come to life and will serve your development and communication strategy.

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