15 January 2020 Autentik Events

The main themes for your 2020 events

Are you looking for a new work practice, a better team cohesion or simply an original way to reward your employees? Get inspired by the 2020 trends to organize your seminar, your team building or incentive activities. If the ideas are numerous, they have in common an eco-responsible focus. The objective is to actively participate in the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Flashback in the 30’s

Reward your team by organizing a memorable incentive around the theme of the 30s. With the swing of the crooners’ voices, your day or evening will offer everyone the opportunity to wear beautiful suits and gala dresses, complete with an elegant hat. Find the dynamic steps of the lindy pop, the typical dance of the time. This timeless trend is ideal for team building and especially for bonding in a different setting. For an even more immersive experience, the event can be accompanied by dishes from the period. These include pate en croûte, duck stew and tomato velouté.


Nature and well-being: a 2020 trend to fight stress

When properly managed, stress is a driving force for performance within the company. But very often, it is a source of malaise for many employees. Getting back to nature is the new trend in learning how to manage stress at work. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban centers, personal and relationship development activities are most effective in natural parks and wilderness areas.

Outside the office, you can also organize wellness workshops to improve the quality of life at work. Self-massage, yoga and cocooning classes in companies are currently in vogue. Some companies also teach their employees the art of micro-sleep so that breaks are truly beneficial, especially for demanding jobs.

The Green trend to go green in the city or in the country

The Green trend is also marked by a return to plants in our cities. The green plants find their way back to our offices. Think about a gardening workshop within the professional premises to bring nature closer to you. You can also go green by discovering the region’s terroir, by organizing hikes in the forest, by investing in green places for meetings or by mixing several nature activities such as rafting and trekking.

The virtual experience: a reunion outside the real world

This 2020 trend benefits greatly from the rise of virtual reality or VR. In small groups or in large groups of up to a hundred people, put on the high-tech headsets and challenges in fully created worlds, such as spaceships, historical ships or the Wild West. Between racing games (ski, car, plane…), shooting games or exploration missions, virtual activities are numerous. It’s also a great way to build team spirit and a sense of strategy. Autentik Events can help you choose the best place to make this digital escape an unforgettable experience.

Digital detox: the 2020 trend for better use of technology

Technology has improved our daily lives at work and at home. But the multiplication of notifications, the immediacy of information and the accessibility of social networks overwhelm us. Tablets, smartphones and even PCs become an additional source of stress. The digital detox does not aim to free us from high technology. Instead, it is a series of activities and meetings to learn how to better manage the use of these devices. The goal is to find a more efficient and less stressful way to react to the flood of data that assails us every day.

Our customized programs allow you to take full advantage of the seminars and activities related to the theme of your choice.

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