13 November 2019 Autentik Events

The learning trip or learning expedition trend

One quote states that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. The new trend of learning trips proves the point. Previously aimed at senior executives, the learning journey now benefits a wider range of employees. Its principle is simple: to learn about new business visions within a new culture.

Learning trip: a rewarding leap into the unknown

A learning trip or learning expedition is an opportunity for a team to discover a new way to approach the business model. When top business leaders travel the world, it’s not just about tourism. It is about broadening the entrepreneurial vision by imbibing a new way of thinking. In an organization that is losing motivation or in search of renewal, the learning trip is often more than a boost. It is a real source of inspiration for the participants.

The excitement of the leap into the unknown, the opportunity to get to know a new culture, and the new connections made with fellow students emphasize motivation. Finally, it is a way to be in phase in a context of globalization.

A learning expedition in Silicon Valley to successfully make the digital shift

The Internet has become ubiquitous, but many companies have not successfully made the digital shift. A learning trip to Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, is an opportunity to discover the giants of the web and to understand their functioning and philosophy. Multinational firms like Google, Apple, Amazon and Uber have set up hospitality teams to share their corporate vision with professionals around the world. It is also an opportunity to discover a work ecosystem that favors exchange and interaction.

Learning trip in southern China: innovation on a grand scale

True factories of the world, the cities of the South of China like Shenzhen or Guangzhou are adapted destinations to discover the art of innovating on a large scale. The Middle Kingdom’s openness to the world has extended to industrial giants who do not hesitate to open their doors to foreign professionals.

Other learning trip destinations to discover

Each city, each country is a learning trip destination in perspective. The key is to take advantage of a cultural particularity that will benefit the company. Bangalore, India, is valued for its ability to innovate while focusing on cost control. Since its opening to the world, Cuba has become a new destination for learning expeditions. The resilience of the people despite decades of embargo is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Preparing for a learning trip

For a learning trip, you should avoid busy periods in the professional world, including the end of the year, the closing of the accounting period or the preparation of a product launch. The approach of the vacations is ideal, as the atmosphere is less tense. Then, the best destination must be determined in accordance with the global objective of the company. Autentik Events helps you to identify the countries and cities that suit your aspirations.

When returning from a learning trip, it is always beneficial to keep in touch with the companies visited, as they will be the vectors of a positive image forged during the exchange.

TheAutentik Events teams are at your disposal to organize a fully profitable learning expedition.

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