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The keys to a unique event experience at your events!

expérience évènementielle unique

Providing a unique event experience to participants and guests of a corporate event is a real challenge, but one that is entirely possible to achieve. For a seminar, an incentive or a team building, several essential criteria must be taken into account. From the choice of the location to the programming and the layout of the space, each step must be motivated and converge towards the implementation of a beneficial meeting for the company in the long term.

Focus first on the human quality of the organization

Seminars and incentives have undergone a revolution in recent years. There is a growing shift away from one-way communication from the provider to the audience. The organization focuses on the participants in order to involve them in the success of the event. By becoming a key player in the meeting, each individual will actively contribute to the success of the meeting. In addition, meetings and activities will become reunions that will strengthen the bonds between colleagues, managers and employees. By focusing on the human element, we can instill a new group dynamic and thus improve communication when returning to the office.

Make your corporate event an immersive and unforgettable experience

For a successful corporate event, the right venue must be chosen. The setting contributes to the atmosphere of a meeting. Unless it is an asset to the organization, avoid austere, characterless rooms. It is also important to offer participants the opportunity to break away from the usual professional environment. For a unique event, choose a new, unusual, grandiose place… Think of alternating meetings and more playful activities. It is also necessary to bet on the originality of the proposed animations. The huge variety of activities available today makes it much easier to set up the program. Between discovery, strong sensations, return to nature or a total disconnection with modernity, you can choose a trendy theme, topical, exotic, in accordance with your business objectives or which simply inspires you.

Emphasize emotion for your corporate event

The most lasting memories are formed during the most emotional moments of our lives. The seminar or the launch of a new product should therefore not be a series of bland and boring speeches. If emotion is essential, it is also the most difficult to arouse. Even before the date of the event, the interest of the members of the company must be aroused through information and announcements carefully measured. The magic works best after you have captured their attention.

Afterwards, it is important to think about the reception. Make each person feel important. Some companies even provide gift boxes with names. When choosing activities, consider those that stimulate the senses. This is the case of cooking workshops, nature outings or more recently virtual reality. For meetings, story-telling has more impact, with a more vivid way of telling the story of a brand, product or company.

Autentik Events helps you to set up a tailor-made program so that the feedbacks are both profitable for the company, for your employees, your customers or your partners.

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