20 May 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

The event industry is not dead: rely more and more on Authenticity!

The coronavirus crisis and the ensuing containment has dramatically changed the event industry. The cessation of activity has brought many organizing companies to their knees. Fortunately, the gradual recovery since May 11 is also an opportunity to gradually prepare for future events. Many changes will be made to adapt to the new health environment. However, one value remains a powerful driver for organizations: originality and authenticity.

Post-confinement events: turning constraints into strength

Post-confinement eventFor the months and years to come, the sanitary measures imposed by Covid-19 will mark the various corporate events. The installation of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will therefore be necessary, as will the wearing of anti-spray masks. Instead of being a logistical constraint, these sanitary elements can be transformed into communication supports to emphasize the authenticity of the event. At the same time, you offer the necessary security to the participants.

The queue management imposed by the security distance is also a constraint that can be managed in an original way. You will be able to set up a thread-cutting application that informs everyone of their reception time. Take advantage of this opportunity to play a trailer of the upcoming program to generate interest among participants.

Events: relaunching with innovative solutions

Events and innovative solutionsTelecommuting has allowed many employees to maintain their level of activity remotely. However, it has deprived them of the human relations essential to the cohesion within the company. Until we can meet in large groups under viable sanitary conditions, we can start seminars in small groups that will be linked by the power of digitalization. Team cohesion is thus guaranteed and can be shared through social networks.

The objective is above all to restore the authentic human relationship interrupted by the confinement. Incentive and team building activities will of course be subject to protection requirements. We can rely on the outdoors to facilitate reunions without failing in our duty to protect. Live streaming via the 4G mobile connection will allow different entities of the same company to stay in touch. The facilitator who will coordinate the communications is therefore more than essential.

The solution of the custom-made in the event industry

Customized eventsReady-made programs are definitely outdated with the particular context imposed by Covid-19. Each organization is now different depending on the objectives to be achieved and the number of participants. From the preparation to the realization, it is necessary to bet on a tailor-made corporate event. Customize the setting to tell a real story and overcome the challenges of the situation. Create a real story around the event to evoke emotion and facilitate buy-in from participants.

While waiting for the events to take place, plan your program now and keep your employees, your best customers or your partners in suspense.

At Autentik Events, the authenticity of messages and actions is an undeniable added value of each organization. We help you select the right solutions to make your appointments unique.

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