18 August 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

The event industry in search of meaning and good sense!

At a time when the world is facing more and more ecological, human and social challenges, the event industry has a duty to make its contribution. For a long time considered to be a generator of pollution and a great source of waste, the sector has evolved a lot. The number of players taking a more responsible route is also increasing. Organization, transportation, decoration, entertainment, activities, benefits… All aspects of the event are carefully thought out to bring meaning to the actions. Today, common sense prevails!

Principles, objectives and assets of a responsible event

Responsible and eco-responsible events are very successful today, because they revive the unbreakable relationship between man and the environment. More and more organizations are integrating a CSR approach into their events to contribute to sustainable development and community development. Taking positive action has become a priority!

responsible eventsIn concrete terms, decisions are dictated by the desire to live in a more responsible world. Thus, several points can be implemented in this objective:

– resource enhancement

– better waste management

– choice of an eco-friendly caterer for the restoration

– choosing public transportation or eco-friendly vehicles to limit CO2 emissions

– eco-designed structures and decorations

– use of renewable energy at the event site

– commitment to support a cause (solidarity kitty, donations, support to associations, etc.).

Green events: heading for the future!

Green events, eco-responsible events, eco-friendlyevents… The green concept is declined in various names which all converge towards the same goal. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of an event while contributing to local economic development. More than a simple trend, it is about adopting an eco-respectful approach at each step of the event planning, from the choice of providers to the choice of venues.

The priority of a green event? The future of the planet. We contribute to the fight against pollution, against global warming, against deforestation … At the same time, we educate participants and the public to the preservation of nature and the environment.

The ISO 20121 standard was created to promote responsible consumption and to include all types of events in a sustainable development logic.

green eventTo adopt the “green attitude”, several ideas are available to you:

– recycle recovered wood to make the furniture necessary for the event;

– organize animations and challenges around upcycling and recycling;

– set up green challenges, such as cleaning up trash in a park or on a beach;

– buy from local producers for a short circuit.

Solidarity events to benefit a cause or an association

solidarity eventBoosting the company’s image while doing a good deed is the advantage of solidarity events. Like charity galas, it is also about mobilizing participants, guests and the public around a strong event, a cause or an emergency. It is a very good way to give meaning and impact to your team buildings, your events, your seminars, your general meetings, etc.

Opening a solidarity fund for an association or a community can now be done easily online. You can do this at the opening of a new branch or the launch of a new product or service. This list is not exhaustive and it is up to you to decide when is the best time to start. This will sharpen the commitment of your employees from the start.

In practice, you decide for example to give a certain percentage to each sale of a product. Or during a sports challenge, you wear the colors of an association that is close to your heart and set up a fund that will then be donated to it.

Autentik Events’ teams can help you develop an ethical and responsible event that will transmit your values.

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