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The barge for its events: trendy or has-been?


Organizing events on a barge has been a must for many years. Indeed, companies are often quick to organize their seminar, evening, teambuilding within this unusual space, often offering a layout and very pleasant views. All this is often organized in a luxurious and refined environment. However, in view of the new event formats, some consider this type of venue to be outdated. Our experts provide an update on the subject.

The barge as a trendy place

Location-eventThe barge is undoubtedly part of the event landscape. In the capital in particular as well as in other cities developed around the river (Lyon, Bordeaux…). In Paris, it offers the means to organize your event in a place full of history: the Seine. The latter is located in the heart of the most beautiful Parisian monuments. There is nothing like a cocktail party or a night out while walking through the Eiffel Tower, the conciergerie and other legendary buildings…

At its Lyon counterpart, the barges open onto the Rhone, passing between the elegant Parc de la Tête d’or, the posh and coquettish districts of the City of Light between the Morand and Wilson bridges, passing by the Lyon Opera and the majestic Fourvière basilica. The barge is therefore frequently considered as a trendy place. It enjoys an open-air setting, on the waterfront and surrounded by sumptuous architecture. So many elements that will allow you to organize a great event! However, make sure you don’t just rely on the exterior frame.

The barge: a trendy place, but under certain conditions

Peniche-eventA word of advice: make sure you don’t make the mistake that some companies make, which is to focus on location. Of course, the barge often offers a breathtaking setting, but this does not make the magic of an event. Indeed, some barges located in the heart of a chic and trendy place sometimes forget their own decoration. One of the pillars of event planning is the design of the venue, so it is important that you think about the layout of the venue. Forget the barge fitted out in a “kitsch” way to attract tourists. A decor in the style of Paris in the 1920s or dedicated to the marine world are themes very frequently used in barges. To stand out from the crowd and be part of the latest event trends, focus on originality!

What type of boat to choose for your event?

La_Pause_Parisienne2As you can see, it’s time to think outside the box and follow the latest trends. Exit the too “old school” barges. Vegetal rooftop, pool-bar, ephemeral bar, world cuisine… Find out about the most fashionable events to get inspired by them! Also think about the type of atmosphere you want to bring: rather intimate in the middle of nature? Or rather vibrant in the heart of the city?

The beautiful season is a perfect opportunity to organize your summer or spring events on a barge, even if winter is also a good time, provided that you favor indoors or heated events.

Are you looking for an event specialist to help you organize your event on a barge and avoid any faux-pas? Our teams can advise you on the ideal location and layout according to your desires and your company’s objectives! Do not hesitate to contact our expertise.

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