5 March 2019 Autentik Events

The Anim’Finder art center at Autentik Events


At Autentik Events, we consider that it is essential to focus our events around quality animations. These allow, on the one hand, to entertain your employees and, on the other hand, to meet some of the key objectives of your company (team-building, team cohesion, creativity, incentives…). With this in mind, we have created a division specifically dedicated to talents and service providers in the field of event entertainment: the Anim’Finder division. Our teams tell you more!

What is Anim’Finder?

artist4The primary objective of our Anim’Finder division is to promote our talents through a pool of 1,500 artists with rich and diversified skills. Their unique profiles allow them to boost your events with dynamism and originality.
In order to guarantee you an event of the highest quality, we insist on the selection criteria of our artists and animation partners. Their know-how and skills must correspond to the Autentik Events standards, namely the constant search for quality and uniqueness.

Anim’Finder is composed of 10 different universes:

– Musical (performances and musical shows)
– Gustative (e.g. discovery of innovative food trucks, molecular cocktails)
– Visual (e.g.: themed shows, wandering artists, bodypainting)
– Photos (ex : photocall, polaroid animation)
– Digital (e.g. virtual reality, creation of a digital fresco)
– Playful (e.g. creation of a personalized perfume)
– Workshops (team work on different themes)
– Team-building (activities aimed at strengthening group cohesion)
– Artists (e.g.: comedian, magician 2.0)
– Speakers

How do you call on artists?

artist3By giving us your project in its broad outlines or in a more precise way, we help you to define adequate animations for your event and then put at your disposal our animation providers and speakers, chosen according to your program. At Autentik Events, we prefer the notion of tailor-made events. We adapt ourselves first and foremost to your needs in order to make you a 100% adapted proposal!

Join our Anim’Finder

anim-finderHave you been working professionally in the arts for several years? Our teams will be delighted to receive you in order to discuss your skills and the possibility of joining our pool. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your profile and experiences.

Soon at Autentik Events, we will present you more in detail our references with some examples of artists and speakers exercising their talents within our pole. Keep your eyes open!

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