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The advantages of organizing a seminar in a castle


The castle is considered a prestigious place for the organization of seminars. And for good reason, it offers you a totally different setting, far from your workplace, it has a centuries-old history and generally has vast natural spaces perfect for getting into the green! Detailed explanation of the advantages of the castle as a seminar location.

#1 Offering a place “off the beaten path

chateau seminaire

If the objective of your seminar is to completely change the work environment in order to reduce the stress of your employees and allow them to breathe a little, the castle is your ally. With its elegant architecture and vast spaces, it naturally invites well-being and allows you to work differently, without the feeling of confinement that a meeting room or an office room can sometimes provoke.

The ideal is to select a castle with a large property in order to offer a place isolated enough from the urban tumult and, consequently, a rather calm place. This is especially true for employees working in open spaces, which are noisy and less conducive to concentration. A more serene atmosphere will allow you to better focus on the objectives of your seminar.

#2 Evolve in a place full of history


In addition to the advantage of its soothing setting, the castle houses a fascinating history within its walls. The castles of France are centuries old and have therefore survived the ages. During your seminar, there is nothing like a guided tour to reveal to the participants some of the historical secrets hidden in these places. Discover together the sumptuous works of art and period furniture, for a magnificent journey through time. Our teams can help you find a cultural guide specialized in this type of visit to add an unusual touch to your seminar.

#3 Provide an ideal setting for your teambuilding activities

Most beautiful castles of Europe - Villandry in Loire valley, Fr

The castle lends itself perfectly to your teambuilding activities during your seminar, both in its vast enclosure and in its gardens. Orienteering, treasure hunts, escape games, relay races, equestrian activities and many others are potentially possible in the heart of many castles in France, a territory that is rich in them!

With our solid expertise in the field, we are here to help you find the perfect venue for your event. Depending on your needs, we can provide you only with the rental of the space but also with additional services: gastronomic meal on the spot, concert, sports activities and/or workshops, speakers, etc. Do not hesitate to call on our services!

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