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Tasteful animations, a winning choice!

A gustative animation for a seminar or a team building? The idea is becoming more and more popular and participants are very happy. The traditional tasting sessions of local products are always appreciated. Zoom on the trend of the Anim’Gustatives, these animation formulas that revolve around taste.

The multiple benefits of taste animation

The gustative animation to weld your team.Have you thought about tasty animations for your next corporate events? Get started, because this type of program is a perfect choice to unite your entire team.

First of all, the culinary context is an effective way to get away from the formal atmosphere of the workplace. By taking advantage of the friendly atmosphere, it is easier to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, but also between the different hierarchies.

In addition, cooking activities are available to everyone. No physical skills or extensive prior knowledge are required. This gives them a greater potential for integration.

The gustatory animations are pleasant, but will also be an opportunity to learn how to better manage stress in an informal way.

The kitchen finally succeeds in bringing together challenge and pleasure, especially during the design and tasting activities.

Ideas of gustative animation to discover

  • The culinary battle: popularized by many television shows, the culinary battle is now part of the team building universe Several choices of gustative animations are proposed to companies. Under the guidance of a chef, the teams will try to create creative menus. At the end of the contest, the recipes will be tasted together.
  • The taste rally: a mixture of a treasure hunt and a tasting session, the taste rally allows you to explore a city through its many culinary specialties. At the end of the course, participants will have succeeded in putting together a gourmet basket which they will present as a trophy and which they will be able to share during a meal in the open air or in a picturesque place.
  • The foie gras bar: it is the new trendy gustatory animation, ideally adapted to a team building at the end of the year. the foie gras bar will teach you to better master all the finesse of this essential part of French gastronomy. With the help of a chef, find the best combinations of flavors to enhance its taste. Between the inevitable gingerbread, figs and apricots, the choice is vast.
  • Think of wine animation for your gustative animation.Wine tasting: together, learn to detect all the subtleties of a good wine. Awaken your senses and share your impressions with the help of a sommelier. With pleasure and moderation, you will better appreciate this treasure of the French cuisine in a good atmosphere.

Some precautions to take for the organization of the gustative animations

For a successful team building, make sure that the products used will not trigger allergies. A preliminary survey of the employees is necessary before organizing the gustative animation.

Adapt your theme to calendar events. A workshop during the Easter festivities will be an opportunity for a chocolate workshop. Around the National Holiday, organize an activity based on traditional cuisine. At Christmas, opt for an introduction to foreign cuisines and discover typical dishes from other countries for this holiday.

TheAutentik Events teams will accompany you and advise you on your next personalized gustatory animation during your events!

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