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Speakers are increasingly popular at events

Speakers are indeed more and more in demand and appreciated at events. In recent years, they have become the new muse of the event industry because they create a true spirit of exchange and sharing. Our experts tell you more.

Speakers: why are they so popular?


Today, the time has come for interactivity during events. We favour a collaborative organization mode where everyone can feel heard and valued. The speaker is therefore the ideal speaker for this purpose! We are not talking about an “old school” event where the speaker delivers his speech to a passive audience. The 2.0 speakers interact with the audience on different themes (stress at work, digital transition, etc.).

Therefore, conferencing is a way to engage your employees in a dialogue. You can do this in a thousand and one ways with a speaker. In general, think about the exchange with the audience during the conference (time for questions, quizzes, etc.). These interactions will actually vary depending on the speaker’s area of focus! It is up to you to choose the professional best suited to your employees and your sector. In this regard, we can help you select your speaker to ensure success with your employees and meet your objectives.

Speakers and their different fields of expertise

trends-conferencesThe advantage of using speakers is well known. It allows you to illustrate your event with a personality representative of your core business or your professional goals. For example: the goal is to organize an event to facilitate the transition to digital for your company? There is nothing like a communicator specialized in this field! He will engage in a dialogue with your employees while explaining the challenges of digital technology in an educational way.

This is true for other objectives such as conflict resolution, waste reduction, team building…The range of speaker’s jobs is very wide, hence its popularity in many events. Now you need to think about which core business is most appropriate for your company. With this in mind, our event specialists can help you determine this factor.

The areas of intervention that are popular

speakers2While speakers are on the rise, there are certain types of speakers who are particularly popular. At a time of burn-out, many companies call on the services of wellness specialists. The latter proceed in different ways during their intervention. Zen workshops (e.g.: massage workshops, light therapy, hypnosis), relaxation sessions, engagement in a calm dialogue… The objective is to create a calmer and more work-friendly atmosphere for employees. Change management specialists are also in great demand these days.

In a context of ecological concerns and CSR obligations, employees need to be trained in new eco-friendly habits. The role of some speakers? Help them adopt good practices and inform them on how to reduce their ecological impact in a simple way. Immersive workshops are often part of this program as well. Zero waste cooking workshop, plogging (combining running and waste collection) or reducing hyper-connectivity are part of the programs.

So many other experts are valued during the events! Our role at Autentik Events? To help you determine the best one, in a 100% collaborative and corporate objective.


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