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Our tips for an original event

original restoration

Product launch, seminar, company party, celebration of the company’s anniversary, congress… Whatever the type of company event, it is necessary to know to bet on originality to mark the spirits. Here are some practical tips to help you organize an original event.

place original eventChoose an exceptional place to welcome your guests

The organization of an original event begins with the choice of the ideal location. It is always advisable to get out of the usual work environment, i.e. the company’s offices. Renting a room or a neutral outdoor space and organizing a series of activities remains a classic formula. It is best to look for a location that is out of the ordinary, but consistent with the theme of the event and/or the activities planned.

An original place is above all a site which is not initially intended to accommodate a professional meeting. Today, the possibilities are endless. For a original eventYou can choose to :

the castles,

the old abbeys,

Indian tipis,

Mongolian yurts,

Berber tents,

the troglodyte houses,

the old seigneurial farms,

gypsy caravans,

art galleries,


the old medieval commanderies,

mountain huts,

the eco-lodges…

Bringing together employees in an atypical placewith fun activities promotes cohesion, not to mention improved productivity and creativity.

Going abroad for an original event

Some events can be held abroad to create the create something new. This is the case of a company seminar or a team building. For example, during the summer, going to the sea in another country allows you to reconcile work and leisure activities. For a original and stimulating eventYou may also want to consider an exciting city like New York City.

By opting for local experiences in the choice of activities and animations, it is a whole culture that you are about to discover. To further accentuate the originality of your event abroad, plan surprises on site. An evening aboard a yacht or a bivouac in the middle of nature will amaze the participants.

original restorationFocus on original catering for your event

Catering is a delicate attention that brings originality to any professional event. Usually, a caterer is used to propose a more or less classic menu. But if you really want to impress your guests, it is more interesting to set up a restoration out of the beaten track.

Here are several ideas to inspire you:

install a food truck with a speciality to be tasted on the go to emphasize the conviviality of the moment and to have this “informal” side which always pleases so much

Choose a theme to offer a real culinary journey : the essentials of French gastronomy, an exotic menu, molecular cuisine, etc.

A small precaution for a meal that will please everyone: it is advisable to have several different dishes to satisfy all your guests, even those with special diets. In addition to meat specialties, consider vegetarian options.

daring animationBold animations for an original event

The choice of animations differs according to your guests. For a original event that will reward your customers, they will expect the wow effect. We can envisage the intervention of a famous chef for the restoration part with a show cooking in the program. Or why not plan a magic show with professional magicians? The video mapping is another example of animation that will dazzle your guests.

For a corporate event for your employees, the watchword will be to unite. Group activities that require everyone’s participation are conducive to cohesion. Focus on unusual and fun activitiesFun and festive animations to bond your teams. A Laser game party, a Graffiti workshop, a mobile Escape Game with a digital tablet, a Do It Yourself workshop with the objective of building an object all together which will be exposed in the premises of the company…

For the success of your original event, you can entrust the animation of the activities to external personalities recognized in their fields. Our agency is able to organize all kinds of animations that involve surprise guests A top athlete for sports events, a starred chef, a journalist, etc. In addition to bringing a unique dimension to your meeting, these speakers also address other perspectives, such as perseverance, the value of effort or perfectionism.

eco-friendly eventAn eco-responsible event

Environmental issues also concern companies. To make your employees aware of the need to do something good for the planet, why not invite them to participate in a eco-responsible activity ? This type of initiative will only reinforce the company’s values.

For example, take advantage of your event to introduce your colleagues to artistic recycling to revalue objects that have become useless instead of throwing them away. It is also possible to organize a workshop on zero waste cosmetics or an introduction to permaculture. There are countless ideas to encourage everyone to participate in the fight against global warmingto the protection of natureetc.

Always on the lookout for more innovative and responsible solutions for corporate events, Autentik Events can also organize for you an original event based on sustainable development. We accompany you in your ecological approach with our ideas for educational and committed activities. In addition, we offer a completely customized and turnkey program.

Let us know what you expect from your original event!

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