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Make an impression with our high tech animations!

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You have a company party or a seminar to organize, but you don’t know what kind of entertainment to offer? One thing is certain, you want to make a mark. For an original animation, at the cutting edge of trends and an immersive experience, think high-tech! And you don’t necessarily have to be a techie to appreciate it. This type of animation is ideal for bringing your team together in a different way. Discover some ideas for corporate events to inspire you.

Video mapping, a surprising immersive animation!

Ideal to energize and animate a corporate event, the 3D mapping will bring a grandiose dimension to your event. If this technique is already widely used in concerts of great artists and in amusement parks, it also has its place in the event. It’s original, innovative and above all striking!

The idea is to project videos or animated images on a background of your choice. This can be done in a room that you have rented especially for the occasion, or within your company. Exterior architecture, wall, ceiling… video mapping allows you to dress up your place according to the theme of your choice.

The visual effect is really impressive and creates a nice optical illusion. A good idea to mark the presentation of a new product or service for example. A true alliance of art, innovation and technology!

To help you find the common thread of your event, you can count on theexpertise of Autentik Events’ teams.

Augmented reality, a new way of thinking about animation

VR simulationVery popular in team building animations, augmented reality brings a very playful side to any corporate event. The interactions it creates are truly amazing, especially in a thrilling scenario that requires true teamwork. A virtual reality escape game is an excellent example of original animation. You don’t necessarily need a large room or a specially designed venue! This digital escape game can be played at the location of your choice, as the equipment is very compact. Equipped with a digital tablet, each team will have to solve an investigation. Reflection, team play and collaboration are the order of the day!

Augmented reality can also be applied in other animations to make them more fun. We can mention the treasure hunt and the interactive rally in a neighborhood or in the streets of a city. A very good complement to team building activities!

New tech, other trends…

The latest trends in event animation are based on new technologies in all their forms. You will inevitably find New techthe animation that will leave lasting memories to your employees or your customers. In addition to the use of the digital tablet, why not try virtual reality? With a VR headset, get ready for a futuristic experience! Explore a whole new world, go on safari on the other side of the planet, play basketball or soccer, survive a zombie attack together, experience the magic of scuba diving… The possibilities are endless!

Inseparable from a corporate event, photos and selfies also change the ordinary with innovative concepts. For example, install a Snapchat kiosk with augmented reality effects. Or have participants take pictures of themselves in front of an interactive touch mirror. Good mood guaranteed!

Convinced by an idea or a digital animation? Do not hesitate to contact Autentik Events for the realization.

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