15 September 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

Influence marketing for events

In the media and on the Internet, we talk aboutinfluencers today. If we know the faces of some of them, we don’t always know their role. Influencer marketing is the newest branch of the vast field of business strategy. We’ll show you how influencer marketing has changed the way we communicate and promote in the event industry.

What is influencer marketing?

Behind the growing aura of influencers is a concept that is still too vague for most people. Influencer marketing aims to get people talking about a product, a service or a date through people of public notoriety.

If before, we used to entrust stars with this role, the advent of theInternet and social networks has expanded the field of possibilities. The first digital influencers were active members of discussion forums. The bloggers then took over through their articles. Today, social networks and video sharing platforms have considerably diversified the communication channels.

Each influencer has his or her own area of focus and rises as anopinion leader regarding the products, services and dates they share.

How does the influencer improve the visibility of an event?

Event promoters and community managers work at their scale as influencers. But professional influencers base their success primarily on their audiences. Thousands, even millions of people regularly follow their favorite personality.

Unlike traditional advertising, influencer marketing relies heavily on interaction with followers. This interaction has a huge advantage, the targeting of the audience to which we address ourselves. By using a particular influencer, the desired customer base is reached with precision. Moreover, the proximity between the influencer and his audience considerably facilitates the positive perception of the message conveyed.

For the launch of a sportswear brand, for example, we will call upon an enthusiast who will share his discoveries live. Before the scheduled date, he can increase the visibility of the event by teasing. After that, he will continue to chat and interact on social media(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…). He can also write a blog post that will demonstrate his expertise.

How to choose an influencer to promote an event?

To take full advantage of influencer marketing, you must take the time to choose your influencer carefully. Don’t just base it on the number of likes or followers.

First and foremost, the quality of the audience must be determined. If necessary, we can rely on a geographical targeting. It is therefore necessary to know the precise profile of the opinion leader(s) you wish to invite. Health, finance, culture, beauty, sport…, there are many specific branches. The profile differs. Some influencers are appreciated for their fun and crazy side, while others are known for their seriousness and sharp analysis.

The event for a fast-food franchise, for example, requires a quirky profile, capable of attracting a young audience. For a luxury car brand, on the other hand, elegance and expertise are valued qualities.

Are you looking for the best influencer(s) for your events or product or service launches? Thanks to its mastery of the sector and its extensive database, Autentik Events offers you the benefit of its expertise.

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