21 July 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

How to successfully decorate your corporate event?

Grand, unusual, sober, rural, futuristic…, the decoration of a corporate event is successful when it arouses the admiration and the support of the participants. Indoor or outdoor, you have to know how to innovate and surprise to make the event unforgettable. Here are five tips to successfully decorate your next event dates.

1. Define a clear and detailed specification

To successfully decorate a corporate event, you need a framework document. These specifications detail all the elements to be installed on the day as well as their layout. It also provides a visual preview sketched or simulated by a specialized software. The creation of this document requires careful preparation, from the choice of location to the technical validation of the decorative infrastructure. Depending on the location, some materials are difficult or impossible to install. This must be taken into account. At all times, care must be taken to align the overall business objective with the implementation of the program.

2. Surfing creative trends customized to your business

trendy decoration for corporate eventsAs acreative universe, event decoration follows the trends of the moment to seduce the participants. In the year 2020, a natural setting highlights the company’s green commitment. You can also choose to highlight recycled objects to emphasize the ecological scope of the organization. High-tech offers a contemporary inspiration for seminars, team buildings, gala evenings, kick offs or product launches you are planning. Rely on a 2.0 decoration to ideally complement technological installations, such as virtual reality.

3. Create an event decoration for a wow effect

event-driven decorationThe main role of the event decoration is to create the wow effect. By surprising and delighting the participant, it helps to immerse him or her in a particular universe. The implementation of a unique decor is an undeniable added value to your communication strategy. Instead of the gigantism of yesteryear, we now prefer theauthenticity of the setting to effectively convey our corporate values and philosophy. To be successful, the first thing you need is the right place, indoors or outdoors. You will then have to choose decorative elements that will help to incense the intrinsic magic of the place.

4. Create a strong and experiential universe

For a corporate event to become a lasting memory in the minds of the participants, it is necessary to arouse emotion. It is then essential to set up a unique decor. This originality will be inspired by the philosophy of the event, the messages to be conveyed and the corporate culture. The scenography is also essential. It combines decoration, lighting and sound. The objective is to create a totally immersive setting.

5. Rely on the expertise of a professional event agency

Event agency

It is not true that you save money when you prepare an entire event yourself. For the case of decoration in particular, the partnership with a professional agency is an investment that allows tooptimize the budget. In the management of time, service providers and installation, the experience and creativity of a professional will ensure a result that meets expectations.

Autentik Events teams can help you to set up a quality event decoration, adapted to the profile of your public and to your aspirations.

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