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How to optimize costs when organizing your event?


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The organization of a corporate event is certainly very beneficial for your company but it represents in return costs more or less high. To help you optimize your budget, our professionals give you their tips.

time2The key word: anticipate!

A simple action that is not always taken seriously in companies, usually due to lack of time. However, organizing your event in advance can generate a lot of savings.

Firstly, because there are still many places and services available on the market, which means that you will be able to make a price comparison and choose the best value option. On the other hand, if you make your reservations at the last minute, you risk ending up with places and services that do not correspond to your desires (due to lack of choice), but also with the last remaining prices, which are often the most expensive!

Secondly, by anticipating the organization of your event, you will have more chances to benefit from a discount because the competition being less strong, some providers are ready to lower their prices.

However, finding the right venue and service for your corporate event requires expertise and know-how to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For this, our event specialists can help you!

Carry out a retroplanningretro-planning

Anticipation also means backward planning. The latter allows you to define the components of your event budget with the help of a calendar, and thus avoid additional costs at the last minute. In order to establish the exact schedule of your event day by day, you will need to think about a set of criteria that will characterize your expenses, such as:

– Accommodation costs
– Catering costs (caterer, restaurant, self-service buffet, etc.)
– The cost of entertainment (cooking classes, workshops, concerts…)
– Transportation costs
– Possible technical expenses (rental of audio-visual equipment, rental of a room, etc.)
– Personnel costs (hostess, technicians, lecturers…)
– Etc.

Because it is not easy to foresee every element that will characterize your event, we can bring you our knowledge in this field, and help you to elaborate a solid project.


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Focus on a “low impact” event

More and more companies are focusing their events on sustainable development. This allows, on the one hand, to lower your ecological impact and, on the other hand, to reduce costs considerably.

By favouring recycled materials, natural spaces, green transportation or low energy consumption venues, your responsible event offers the promise of a lower bill.

Activities can also focus on this type of strategy, by focusing on low-impact activities (eco-responsible workshops, walking tours, shared gardens, etc.). Nevertheless, it will be a question of making a “green” event without losing quality. We can assist you in creating a responsible and premium event.


There are many ways to save money by optimizing your event budget. As such, our mission is to help you minimize your costs as much as possible, while organizing an event at the height of your business.

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