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How to motivate the troops for the start of the school year?


It is true that it is difficult to get back to work after a few days or even weeks of
vacation. Maximum productivity won’t be immediate, but you can’t just sit back
sitting around doing nothing and watching productivity. So how do you motivate your team without resorting to
authoritarian tactics that will simply make everyone more resentful of the return
at work? A few tips to combat your team’s post-holiday blues.


1. Start the work on a positive note: A back-to-school seminar

Organize a back-to-school seminar, to gather and motivate your teams while passing on strategic messages and giving new challenges.
This seminar can take place between the end of August and the end of September, depending on the rhythm of the company’s life, and will aim to create a sort of “renewal” to give your teams the
A gentle approach can add an extra dose of goodwill and give everyone the boost they need to be productive.
Don’t hesitate to “break the codes” and offer your teams to experience an original recovery in a unique place, which will allow them to work in a dynamic and warm environment, more conducive to exchange.
By telling us about your project, we can help you organize your back-to-school seminar. Do not hesitate to contact us!

2. Organize a Teambuilding Day

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of returning to work after a long break,
Why not focus on the positive impact your employees can have together?
Organizing a teambuilding activity can be a great way for your team to regain the spirit of teamwork.
Creative workshop, treasure hunt, Escape Game, culinary challenge or other sports activities, our team will be happy to accompany you.

3. A weekly afterwork to socialize

After a few weeks of absence, everyone will want to catch up, it’s natural. Your team spends almost every day together during normal weeks, and perhaps they have not
not seen for a while. Consider organizing an after work party so that everyone can meet and exchange ideas, it’s a great way to unite your teams!

At Autentik Events, we can accompany you in these different steps.
Our mission: to help you find the event format that will best suit your teams!

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