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Everything you need to know about event scenography

event scenography

Finding its origins in the world of theater, the scenography is applied in different fields, from fashion, exhibitions, stores and museums to
. It brings together several concepts in order to create a specific universe that will offer a immersive experience participants in an event: decoration, staging, etc. Today, the event scenography becomes essential for a trade show, a showroom or a congress. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind in order to make your project a success.

Event scenography: what exactly is it?

Derived from the combination of the Greek words
referring to the scene and
which means to write, the term scenography literally means
“to write the scene”.
. The concept aims to create an environment within a space.

Considered as the technical art of thinking and arranging spacethe event scenography creates a unique and personalized atmosphere through a variety of elements, from light and sound to furniture, decoration and mapping. Depending on the case, the scenographers even rely on scents and flavors. The scenography is therefore among the main assets that guarantee the success of your event. The combination of all the above elements creates a kind of alchemy between the place and your guests.

Often inspired by the techniques of cinematographic and theatrical scenography, the event scenography adapts to all the constraints related to the organization of your event. It depends on several parameters, such as budget, technical constraints, logistics and security.

The place of scenography in the event industry

The scenography is above all a a powerful communication tool that brings your event to life and makes it unique. By using your visual identity, it reinforces the brand image of your organization or your company by highlighting your DNA and your values. If the event scenography is not properly executed, you simply risk distorting the message you want to broadcast to your targets.

The scenography that you plan to set up must serve the interests of your project and your structure. Relevant artistic choices highlight your strengths and assets. In a good scenography, each element must be in its place. Each layout has a specific meaning to guide the visitor to the desired location.

difference with event decorationWhat are the differences between event scenography and event decoration?

The event scenography is often confused with event decoration. These are two completely different concepts. As its name indicates, the objective of event decoration is to decorate a room and to arrange the place chosen to welcome an event. It is somehow limited to the aesthetic aspect.

The event decoration can also be adapted to existing buildings. In most cases, it is not necessary to touch the existing structure. Today, several atmospheres are often used in event decoration, such as modernity and high-tech, exoticism or different eras.

Unlike event decoration, the event scenography creates an experience of its own during an event. In other words, the decorator embellishes the space, while the scenographer has a broader function. The latter is in charge of transforming the space by ensuring the role of a decorator, a director, and even the direction of the videos made for the occasion and the implementation of various animations.

The elaboration of the specifications

A preparatory work is necessary to a successful event scenography. The use of a professional scenographer is then recommended. It is an expert in the layout and design of space, and a reference in the field of visual communication. You can call on our team to benefit from the know-how of a true professional scenographer.

A specifications is also useful to describe your expectations and requirements. This is the best way to transcribe all the information to your contact and to all the parties involved in the design of the space.

The specifications provide for a number of information, including:

the objectives of your event,

your own vision of the event,

the type of message you wish to convey to your guests,

the graphic charter to be respected,

your slogan,

your targets,

the number of participants expected,

the theme of the event,

specific criteria to be taken into account such as respect for the environment or accessibility.

Making a success of a good event scenography: some principles to respect

  • The technical side

The technical aspect refers to the available space. A site visit is the first step in the scenographic design. The goal is to visualize the different constraints of the room related to the size of the spaces, the positioning of the openings, the lights or the wall and floor coverings. Sometimes the location is not suitable for the concept or objectives of the event.

The set designer also notes all technical configuration elements including venue equipment and rental elements. He checks if the infrastructures already present on site will be useful for the event. This is the time to see if an adjustment or other solutions are needed.

  • The implementation

The scenographer is also responsible for thinking about the layout of the space according to its uses. In some events, the venue may be divided into several areas, for example with a catering area, an exhibition area and a conference area. The scenography anticipates the different ways in which these spaces will be delimited, arranged and materialized. The idea is to make your guests feel comfortable and have a great time.

The scenography must not neglect the practical and practical and security aspectsThe project will be implemented in a number of ways, including optimizing traffic flow and creating emergency exits. Often neglected, outdoor spaces must be part of the event scenography. It is preferable to avoid that your guests are directly cut off from the set up universe by going through a door.

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