4 November 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

Event trends in 2021

In the context of covid-19, several event trends have emerged for 2021. More than ever, companies are turning to the digitalization of their events. The need for team buildings and incentives is also more than topical to meet our desire to get closer and meet our colleagues at work. Here are some interesting ideas for your next event.

hybrid event - event trends 2021EVENTS / HYBRID EVENTS

Today, webinars and other online events are revealing their full potential to keep in touch with your customers, prospects and teams. Thedigital event experience can be customized to your needs and as lively as a face-to-face meeting. It must of course be part of a digital marketing strategy to ensure the communication of your event to your targets. A high speed internet connection is essential for this type of event.

By moving to theconnected event, you expand your audience by making your content accessible to people who cannot travel. By putting your event online, it will also be available several months after the event.

There are several ways to stand out. In addition to dedicated platforms (Google meet, Livestorm, Teams, Discord, Hangouts, Zoom,…) and live chat on social networks (Facebook, Instagram…), you can push further the interaction with participants and offer original connected experiences:

  • Studio TV,
  • living room in augmented reality,
  • 360° interactive meeting,
  • creation of a custom virtual set in the studio,
  • use of a community wall.

wellness animations - event trends 2021ENTERTAINMENT / WELL BEING & ECO FRIENDLY ANIMATIONS

The importance of health and wellness is a strong theme that will still be relevant in 2021. For example, events around personal development are part of the objectives of professional fulfillment. Managers and executives find in this theme a way to make incentives more relevant to their employees.

Employees who feel good about themselves will feel more comfortable with their colleagues. For group cohesion, wellness events are also a good way to manage stress together and subsequently improve productivity. In times of crisis, it’s time to recharge your batteries and get motivated again.

The possibilities are numerous:

  • outdoor yoga or tai chi workshop,
  • theater workshop and role-playing,
  • conferences on personal development,
  • group coaching workshop.

green animation - event trends 2021ANIMATIONS THAT MAKE SENSE, STILL TRENDY IN 2021

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is the awareness of each one of us on the impact of man on the environment. Eco-responsibility has its place in your activities as well as in your future corporate events. It would also be an opportunity to develop your company’s CSR policy. In 2021, this notion will be even more present and remains a high-impact topic for various targets of your communication.

Whether you are planning a seminar, a convention, a new product launch or any other event, it is possible to ensure an eco-friendly event. For example, choose an eco-designed space or a fully vegetated venue. Also, choose environmentally responsible service providers, such as a caterer who works against food waste. Involve your employees as much as possible!

Here are some examples of eco-friendly animations that might inspire you:

  • a recycling workshop for a creative team building,
  • a private party with anti-gaspi cooking,
  • a seminar oriented towards the discovery of the land and nature.


After a difficult year because of covid-19, the desire to travel and explore new horizons is even stronger. Travel to the other side of the world for an enriching team building, organize seminars in exotic countries… And of course, travel within the country. The closing of the borders decided by many countries also pushes us to discover the beauty of our cities and regions.

Here are some ideas of destinations where it is good to reconcile business travel and pleasure:

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