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Digital animations: the trends for 2019


It’s no secret that the digital age has transformed the way we do business and especially the way we do events. The time has come for immersion, instantaneousness and collaboration thanks to new digital tools that allow your employees to live a personalized experience during your seminars, company parties, meetings, etc. Our event specialists highlight these 2.0 concepts

1) Collaborative digital: involve your targets in your event


The expectations of your employees during an event have changed considerably in recent years. While the “old school” of events consisted of conveying a message to passive participants, it is now important to involve them in a two-way experience. A corporate party is no longer just a place where your employees can disconnect after work, it becomes a place of exchange where participants interact to offer their own perspective on the experience they are having. In a changing business environment, most employees now want to feel involved in the event dynamic and act as co-creators rather than mere recipients.

In this perspective, many strategies based on digital marketing can be implemented (live feed, facebook page dedicated to the event, web survey, gamification…). Our teams can help you implement them!

2) Façade mapping: a new event concept that is gaining momentum


Halfway between advertising and multimedia events, façade mapping is a devilishly effective communication tool. The principle? Display a video projection or a 3D photo on the facade of your choice, so that virtual and reality intermingle and offer a 100% immersive experience to your employees. In the same way that LG (see video above) used this technique for the launch of its new cell phone with a 5-minute animation on the facade of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, you can also find a strategic place to display an animation related to your company (e.g. launch of a new campaign). Others propose to their employees to send their feedbacks directly by sms to project them on the support in a creative and original way. A way to involve your collaborators and give them importance during your event. Thanks to our knowledge of this type of technology, we are able to help you integrate them into your event programming.

3) Virtual & augmented reality: offer a unique sensory experience


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These new devices appeal to the public in search of an unusual and highly personalized experience. However, be careful to make the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality.

– Virtual reality: blurring the lines between reality and fiction

The principle is both simple and extremely sophisticated: equipped with a blackout helmet, your employees are immersed in an alternative 3D world in which they can move and interact. It is up to you to choose in which universe you want to integrate the participants. It can be a simple recreational session to add value to your event or a device with a specific purpose. For example, give an overview of your new premises or an upcoming seminar abroad. The possibilities are vast in this area and the quality of these experiences will only increase in the years to come!

– Augmented reality: adding a “little extra” to the real thing

Unlike virtual reality, which integrates users into a totally fictitious world, augmented reality is a way of adding digital animations that your employees can interact with. This can be done with the help of a helmet, adapted glasses or simply through a smartphone. It is a question here of modifying the vision of reality at the moment T by superimposing virtual elements (images, texts, colors?). This concept has an advantage over its counterpart because it allows your employees to evolve in their current environment while “improving” their reality. As a result, the message you want to convey will also be more likely to be integrated in a realistic way. We can imagine, for example, the scanning of a catalog to discover new products (like the Ikea brand) or scanning a product itself to be able to configure it in a personalized way, according to the user’s will. Again, this is a great way to value your employees and their preferences.

At Autentik Events, we are particularly interested in the progress of digital technology and we strive to integrate animations from new technologies in each of our events, to make your employees live a fun experience, original and adapted to the image of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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