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Coworking space, rooftops, atypical places

Seminars and team building activities are usually associated with classic venues. But why not be original and go off the beaten track? Today, there are places that have a different use that can be used to organize an outstanding corporate event. From coworking spaces to rooftops and other original locations, make your choice. There are many atypical places to meet your customers and to motivate or boost your team.

Coworking space: seminar in all conviviality

Conviviality and exchange are the two main advantages of a coworking space. Today’s open space coworking spaces are designed to promote well-being at work. In addition to the absence of walls, the careful design of the space breaks with the traditional rigidity of the company. These atypical places often integrate artistic objects or green plants to add a particular charm.

A seminar at the KLUSTER: succumb to the charm of this atypical placeHolding a seminar in a collaborative workspace allows for both professional facilities and a flexible layout. You can change the layout of the offices more easily to match the activities of the moment. Located near the Gare de Lyon in Paris, the KLUSTER is one of these new sites optimized for professional exchanges.

At Autentik Events, we help you take full advantage of these new professional spaces.

A seminar at the rooftop: atypical places in height

Adopt the rooftop trend for your corporate events and offer your employees an original viewpoint. Ideal for a cocktail party or any other festive celebration, the roof of a building is an open space that allows you to contemplate the city in all its splendor.

Rooftop: the Balcony of the Philharmonie is one of the most atypical places in the capital.Choose a location with a great view. In Paris, a rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower or the green parks will enchant your employees. Thus, at the Balcony of the Philharomonie, you will dominate the park of the Villette. This type of setting, soothing and refreshing, is conducive to the organization of business meals. In Lyon, the Muses of the Operalocated on the seventh floor of the Opera House, allow you to organize an event among the statues, with with a breathtaking view of the historic center. In the North, the Garden is a well-hidden place in the Old Town which seduces by its trendy atmosphere. Choose the evening to organize your events, the magic of the twinkling lights is irresistible.

Other atypical places to consider for your events

Looking for an unusual setting? Organize your seminar in a museum, among art objects or relics of history. Each work can be used as a support for the animations. In addition, discussions about perceptions are real vectors of exchange. In Marseille, the
can host corporate events with a dedicated infrastructure.

Nowadays, they are more and more open to the public in general and to professionals in particular, The farms are unusual places for a seminar, a meeting or other professional meeting. In the middle of fields and animals, take part in production activities and establish a privileged contact with nature. During meetings, the mooing of cows and the cackling of chickens are pleasant and sometimes unheard of reminders that we are out of the office.

Easily find the next venue to host your event and make a lasting impression. The
Autentik Events teams
can help you bring all your ideas to life.

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