18 November 2020 Mirana RAJAOBELINA

Corporate event: top 5 Christmas animations

The end of the year celebrations are approaching fast and you wish to federate your collaborators around a convivial animation? It is true that with the current health conditions, it is not always easy to find the right formula that will put everyone in agreement. To inspire you, here are our top 5 Christmas animations that will entertain and boost your teams.

Christmas culinary challengeThe culinary challenge for a gourmet Christmas

In the digital age, and especially with the explosion of telecommuting, the challenges on the web are ever increasing. To ride the wave and pamper your employees in these times of health crisis, why not offer an online cooking workshop?

The principle is simple. You set a specific time and all participants meet on a dedicated platform. Different chefs will be able to animate the session live and why not even a starred chef! On the menu, typical holiday preparations, such as a revisited Yule log or a foie gras starter.

Christmas sweaterThe most unusual Christmas sweater

It is obvious that the Christmas sweater is an integral part of the end of year festivities. So why not bring this tradition back to life? With the barrier gestures and health precautions to be respected, it would be best to stay in the digital.

This is a contest that will certainly create some laughter! The idea is to ask each participant to publish his or her photo on the company’s network with a Christmas sweater. The person who wears the Christmas sweater that stands out from the rest will win a surprise.

A special Christmas short film

Team building remains a must to reinforce team cohesion. It is also an excellent way to strengthen the company’s ties with its employees. Since digital and remote work are de rigueur, put them together in a short film!

You can thus be inspired by Christmas movies where everyone will reproduce cult passages in an original way, just in front of his smartphone or tablet. Compile it and post the masterpiece on the company’s social media channels.

lip dub ChristmasA Christmas lip dub

It is true that the lip dub has had its moment of glory, but it remains a good source of inspiration to animate your teams. In a few words, it is a video clip where actors playback on a defined soundtrack. For the occasion, a Christmas song will be welcome!

To make this Christmas animation a success, simply invite each of your employees to film themselves from home singing part of the chosen Christmas song. We then take care of the editing so that the result is impeccable. The good mood will certainly be there!

Christmas frescoThe collaborative mural

If you don’t want to have a Christmas party at the office, highlighting the creativity of colleagues and collaborators is a promising alternative for a safe Christmas animation.

With the Christmas mural, the idea is to pass a blank canvas from one hand to another. Everyone is invited to reveal their artistic soul by adding their own personal touch. The goal is to create a work of art that will represent Christmas. You can then hang the board on a wall in the company lobby.

Autentik Events teams can help you to set up festive animations to end the year in beauty.

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