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10 perfect places for small events in France!

Many corporate events and meetings are held in small groups. For these meetings, which do not require a large space, the choice of location is nevertheless essential. The framework conditions the atmosphere and contributes to the achievement of the objectives. We’ve chosen 10 places that are ideal for a small event in France. Elegant or unusual, these places have in common an irresistible charm.

Domaine des Vanneaux - event in France1. The Vanneaux domain

Located in the quiet town of Presles, in the Val-d’Oise, the
Domaine des Vanneaux
is an elegant site adjacent to the Golf de l’Isle Adam. Its contemporary architecture, largely inspired by the magnificent houses of the Paris region, is a fine example of refinement. Inside and out, the artistic inspiration of the setting is striking. A great place to bring chic to a small event in France.

Cabane de Lyon Sainte Foy - event in France2. The Lyon Sainte Foy Hut

You live in the Lyon area and you wish an atypical place for your next event in small committee? Opt for the
Cabane de Lyon Sainte Foy
. This will be an opportunity to meet high up in the woods. Ideally located in the forest of the City Aventure park, this hut takes you 8 meters above the ground. In addition to its equipped room, the site has a beautiful terrace for receptions.

Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay - event in France3. The Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey

In the forest of Rambouillet, the
Abbey of Vaux-de-Cernay
will make you live 800 years of history. Its preserved setting has been upgraded to make it an outstanding place to meet and greet people. You will organize your meetings in a room with a vaulted ceiling supported by columns or surmounted by exposed beams. The restaurant is simply located in the old refectory.

Château de Pennautier - event in France4. The Castle of Pennautier

Splendid monument of Languedoc-Roussillon, the
Castle of Pennautier
takes place in the heart of a magnificent French and English garden. This place is ideal for a seminar far from the stress and out of time. In addition to its equipped seminar room, the castle is suitable for a wine tasting workshop as a team building activity. The site is indeed part of a large vineyard.

Bordeaux wine library - event in France5. The Bordeaux Wine Library

What could be better for a small event in Gironde than to choose a place entirely dedicated to theelixir of Bacchus? The
Bordeaux wine library
located in the heart of the city, has a room of 84 m² that can accommodate 50 people seated or 75 people standing. You can organize a cocktail, a team building or a tasting workshop. The cellar of this prestigious address has more than 2500 references.

Petit Comité - event in France6. Petit Comité (Paris 10)

Looking for an intimate venue in the heart of the French capital?
Petit Comité
Petit Comité is an address in the 10th arrondissement specifically designed to host corporate events. The discreet and refined setting is enhanced by a vintage decoration. The Art Deco furniture and black and white photos add a unique touch. Petit Comité can accommodate up to 20 people and has a gourmet catering service.

Bastide de Gordes - event in France7. The Bastide of Gordes

In the heart of the idyllic landscapes of Provence, the village of Gordes has an exceptional place. The
Bastide of Gordes
not only displays the traditional architecture of the region, but also reveals a breathtaking panorama. A company event organized in front of the Luberon panorama will remain forever engraved in the memory of the participants.

Terre Blanche - event in France8. White Earth

Organize your seminar in a small group in a green space, under the radiant sun of the south of France. Only 45 minutes drive from Nice, this welcoming place is clinging to the side of a wooded hill. The interior is modern and refined, magnified by the elegance of dark wood. White Earth can organize discovery rallies in vintage cars, a speleological outing or canyoning.

Domaine du Gouverneur - event in France9. Le Domaine du Gouverneur

Organize your seminar in the Lyon region, in the middle of a vast 330-hectare territory. With its many ponds scattered throughout its green landscape, the
Domaine du Gouverneur
has an irresistible charm. Some of these water bodies are integrated into the golf course that adjoins the establishment. There are several meeting rooms to choose from. You can also choose the splendid Chesterfield style living room.

Manoir Automobile de Rennes - event in France10. The Automobile Manor of Rennes

For a small Breton event, choose the timeless setting of the
Manoir de l’Automobile
. Close to racing cars of the past decades and prestigious collector cars, you will have a beautiful room. The stone walls and an imposing fireplace bring a vintage touch to the event.

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