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10 ideas to boost a company party

You are organizing an upcoming company party ? Whether it’s a gala dinner, a theme party or something else, it’s always important to stand out. For inspiration, discover 10 ideas for corporate party entertainment to boost your event.

Photobooth - corporate event1. The photobooth, a trendy company party animation

Although it is considered as a more or less classic animation, the photobooth is still popular. Your guests will enjoy taking pictures of themselves without the intervention of a photographer. The self-portraits will be printed instantly. To bring a fun and pleasant dimension to your animation, think of installing an original decorated background, with unexpected images and inscriptions, even shifted, but always in the respect of the brand image of your company.

2. The question box

The question box is the ideal company party animation if you want to know your employees better. Don’t hesitate to vary the questions, alternating between those that focus on the work environment and those that deal with fairly specific topics. The idea is to bring together work partners in a friendly, joyful and emotional atmosphere. By including the question box in your list of corporate party activities, you will have exciting and sometimes unexpected revelations.

song box3. The song box

Invite your clients, partners or employees to sing in a dedicated booth. For this type of activity, you will not need a facilitator. Participants enter the booth as a group, choose the song they want to perform, show off their singing skills in a relaxed and intimate setting. It’s also a good way to get the most introverted people off the hook.

4. The iced plancha, a gourmet company party animation

A real culinary trend for a few years now, the glazed plancha is a real treat for gourmets. It easily finds its place at a company party in summer. It is also a great alternative to the barbecue. These colorful ice cream rolls are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

To prepare these little wonders, it is necessary to call upon a professional. Each guest chooses the flavor and toppings for their ice cream rolls. Ideal for a company party in the open air, this animation will also bring a nice touch of color and good mood. Your guests will flock to the stand to discover how these original ice creams are prepared.


flashmob5. The flash mob to federate

The flash mob has not yet said its last word. Don’t hesitate to update this animation to create wonderful memories. Moreover, in evening clothes, the video will be even more striking.

For this corporate party animation, invite your employees on the dance floor. Get a facilitator to take on this challenge. Participants learn a few dance steps to create a beautiful choreography. In addition to strengthening the bonds between employees, the flash mob promises unique and unusual moments. Between those who have a natural swing and those who don’t have the rhythm in their skin, this moment will also be synonymous with laughter.

6. The musical blind test, a fun company party animation

The blind test instantly creates a friendly atmosphere. It sharpens the competitive spirit of the participants and allows them to get together around a fun game in a friendly atmosphere. The principle is simple. It’s about testing their musical knowledge. Simply play the first few seconds of each song and your guests will have to guess the song title and performer.

7. A hypnosis show

To make a splash, this is the corporate party animation that will remain in the memories. By choosing this type of animation, you will succeed in bluffing your collaborators and your guests. The show is also participative. The most motivated will not hesitate to volunteer to be placed under hypnosis and live a unique experience. Although they may wish to remain mere spectators, even the most timid will be impressed by the expert’s performance. Also, that it is not common to see colleagues in an altered state of consciousness. Don’t hesitate to call our agency to have a professional hypnotist at your party.

8. Clairvoyance

Bringing a fortune teller to your company party will be a real surprise for all the guests. Gypsy card drawing or crystal ball consultation, the choice is yours. Ask your guests to play along for a fun evening. Everyone can then ask the questions of their choice, whether they are professional or personal. Expect a long line.

9. A scene of tilted scenery

Inspired by TV shows, the tilted décor is a great way to bring a touch of originality to your corporate event. Employees are invited to perform a play on a stage inclined at 22 degrees. Under the direction of an animator or in total improvisation, the show promises to be fun, with endless laughter.

10. A film dubbing, a resolutely interactive company party animation

To punctuate a company evening with stimulating activities, it is a very good idea of animation. Invite your employees to take on the roles of actors from a well-known film. The idea is to use a few cult lines or well-defined passages from the work. Everyone will reveal their acting talents in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the scene will be recorded live for an authentic rendering. This is a great addition to the company’s event archives.

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