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10 brand activation ideas

Brand activation is a customer-centric marketing strategy. The objective is to arouse the interest of the public and to reinforce the link with your company. To do this, it is essential to create emotion through activities, marketing operations or personalized events. We have selected 10 brand activation ideas to inspire you.

concept store - brand activation1. Offer your customers the opportunity to decorate a part of your concept store

You have relied on a concept store to draw attention to your products? Enhance the visitor experience by offering to decorate a part of your themed store. Ask them to draw inspiration from the top products and then let their imagination run wild. Reward the best achievements by submitting them to the public vote on your social networks.

2. Create a mobile application

77% of the French population now owns a smartphone. Among 15- to 29-year-olds, this proportion rises to 94%. Creating an app on iOS and Android platforms is thus a great way to activate a brand. In addition to sharing your latest news on new products and promotions, this digital medium will allow you to set up a privileged communication channel. Use it also to give exclusive discounts.

3. Online brand activation: setting up affiliate links

A brand activation strategy adapted to online commerce activities, affiliate links can be used to create brand ambassadors. Bloggers, influencers and other web players can integrate your link to get commissions on sales. They will present the benefits of your products and services to generate maximum clicks.

ecological challenge4. Launch an ecological challenge

If your products generate unwanted waste, such as single-use packaging, issue a green challenge. Ask your customers to collect and bring back as many packages as possible for gifts. You can also organize a contest for the best artistic recycling.

Do not hesitate to contact us to create a memorable corporate event. Our tailor-made program will fully enhance your ecofriendly operation.

5. Use an influencer for your brand activation

Influencers are now part of the Internet landscape. With tens of thousands of followers, these popular profiles will facilitate your brand activation operation. Select the right influencer to reach a quality audience, your company’s preferred target. The close relationship that exists between the web actor and his audience will quickly improve the perception of your products and services.

6. Valorize the know-how of your customers

If your products have an aesthetic or creative purpose, activate your brand by highlighting the expertise of your current customers to attract new ones. For example, cosmetics manufacturers publish make-up tutorials of their customers to highlight the advantages of their products. The best creations can be promoted during an in-store showcase.

7. Participating in a trade show, another brand activation idea

You may not be aware of it, but participating in a trade show is a brand activation operation. To distinguish yourself, use an original layout, optimize the customer path and provide a warm welcome.

Maximize interactions to invite visitors to spend more time at your booth. To attract attention, we can create an original stand for you. It is also possible to install a relaxation area for visitors. Another option for making lasting memories is to set up a small play area using the advantages of virtual reality.

gala dinner8. Organize a gala dinner for the best clients

If you are satisfied with your sales, activate your brand by organizing a gala dinner for your best customers. This will reinforce your image with your most loyal buyers and encourage others to buy more. Opt for an extraordinary setting to create lasting memories. You will also be able to invite top clients to large-scale events to meet famous personalities.

9. Subsidize local assistance programs

A virtuous way to get the word out about your brand is to get involved in charity work. Choose causes that have a real social impact on the recipient population. To prepare for the operation, you can dedicate a small portion of your profits to the selected works. You can then communicate about your commitments, telling customers that their purchases have helped improve the lives of certain people.

10. Host a bus stand for your brand activation

Ask your municipality for permission to organize a bus stand event. Choose one of the busiest bus stops and while the passengers are waiting, offer them the opportunity to win a prize. With their permission, post the winners’ video online to create buzz. Hold the contest over several days, during the most festive times of the year, for maximum impact.

Need to strengthen your company’s reputation? Call on Autentik Events for your brand activation operations. We will make you benefit from our vast network of partners. In addition, we create a tailor-made program so that each action fits perfectly with your corporate philosophy.

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